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RTA Kenworth K200 (VERSION 10) edited by Badboy Mods for ATS
Completely redesigned for the ATS.
Salon: Kenworth
List of changes:
Updated to allow the lifting axles.
Renamed lifting axles in store for clarity.
It reduced the number of polygons in several times without loss of quality for a model, but to help those who play on weaker computers within.
Removed options for the UK. I do not see the point in PRK in the United States.
Removed interior (modern wheel) due to an error.
Rename all files and ETS standard names, to make the truck 100% self-contained.
All references in the Renault / Volvo have been removed and replaced with K200, to help with compatibility with poorly ported mods that can use the same files.
Fixed a bug router rta “wheel definition.”

rta & BadBoy Edit

kenworth_k200_v1_truck.7z – 180.0 MB

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