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Well drivers here’s my 1st skin designed by me, for my virtual trucking company Uncle D Logistics in my fav default truck in ATS the W900! I’m new to the process of skinning for SCS sims so bare with me, I haven’t learned yet how to add the cool info and pic in your Mod Manager list, maybe somebody will share how that’s done with me as I’m only using the ETS2 Skinning Tool, don’t see where you can add that type info in it. “Uncle D” is listed as “Your Driver” on the driver door, if you would like a copy of this skin with your name listed as the driver drop me a email at darnellm07@gmail.com and I’ll make you a copy with your name on it. For you drivers who liked the T680 version of this skin I’m sorry I can make any changes to that skin cause like a dummy I messed up the saved edit.

Uncle D Studios © 2016

Uncle_D_W900.scs – 5.4 MB

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American Truck Simulator
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American Truck Simulator
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