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Germantown v1.1.0

WARNING: If you are updating from V1.0.0, you will need to start a new savegame for the changes to take effect. March 12, 2017 Changelog V1.1.0.0 WARNING: If you are updating from V1.0.0, you will need to start a new savegame for the changes to take effect. – smoothed terrain in places – reduced maximum traffic speed to 60km/h – removed grass from roads, paved road edges, etc. – fixed field edges to remove “You don’t own this field” problem...

Farming Valley v1.0

Hir I want you my Farming_Valley pre-stuffs which is a gold crest valley rebuilt was blocked silo loads shelf woodcutter feed mixer compostMaster2k17 seedMaster2k17 Joinery refinery Fabrik2 gartencenter digestateFertFactory I thank all modders for their properties which I have built. Should have overlooked someone I or someone recognize its object and. Authors: himmi – 1.1 GB

Draw Mixer Wagon v17.0.1.0

Mixing indication of the feeding trolley in other vehicles as well as on foot Changelog: 17.0.1: Fixed a error while selling Game Farming Simulator 17 Manufacturer Category Other Author Heady Size 22 KB Version Released 13.03.2017 Platform PC/MAC Authors: Heady – 22 KB

Flatwood Acres v2.2

Update: Same description as before, moved vehicle reset to courtyard, added markers to triggers at reffinery, added pedestrians, and courseplay scans smoothely now, Enjoy. Authors: brownthumb,Giants,GTX Mods,t0xic0m,kevink98,Morice,Ultra_Tonio_Modding,MiguelAngel988,RT-mods,skeleton,Funky,XaaD,Dorset,CBJ Midwest Modding,Farmer_Andy,Marhu,Buschi,Kastor,Auwgl,m4pj3cts and if there is anyone i didn’t list, I Thank You! – 905.1 MB

Massey Ferguson 8700 USA v1.0.0.0

I started with Farmer Steven’s 8700 and modified it to make it more American since the game lacks American tractors. IC control for the door, rear window, roof window and signal arms. Interior lighting and Gearbox mod are ready to go. I changed the gearbox to the Dyna 6 since I like it much more than the CVT. There are many options and configurations. -11 Tire and wheel options -6 different fender arrangements -2 rear attacher options -3 front attacher/weight...

John Deere Gator v1.0

This gator is perfect for around the farm. It comes with a trailer that con hold 500 liters of anything. I have converted it myself. It has a beacon as well. Please enjoy this mod! Authors: kim_121 made this mod. – 15.4 MB