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BELARUS 3522 V1.0

– A choice of 2 engine – You can also choose 1 from 3 types of wheels – Speed 53 km/h – Price: 97000 – Log clean Authors: LSSA, Stas98, 36region, Dima Kostin MelMax – 17.2 MB


Seed and fertilizer production [placeable] Version Final Fix – Fermentation residues were registered with Fertilizer production on several occasions – Increased loading charge per second – Fixed errors in the installation instructions Now produced your own seeds and fertilizer! Fertilizer production: Requires: -> solid and liquid manure (max 20,000 liters per unit.) Product: -> Mineral Seed Production: Requires: -> fertilizer and grain (max 20,000 liters per unit) Product: -> Seeds Mixing ratio: 1: 1 Product storage: 60,000 l max. Filling:...


Price: 85000 € Max. power: 143 hp Max. speed: 40 kph Maintenance: 20 € / day Authors: Model: GIANTS Texture: Petorious Script: Petorious Testing: Willem0492 (SG) Other: Willem0492 (SG) – 28.3 MB

Germantown v1.1.0

WARNING: If you are updating from V1.0.0, you will need to start a new savegame for the changes to take effect. March 12, 2017 Changelog V1.1.0.0 WARNING: If you are updating from V1.0.0, you will need to start a new savegame for the changes to take effect. – smoothed terrain in places – reduced maximum traffic speed to 60km/h – removed grass from roads, paved road edges, etc. – fixed field edges to remove “You don’t own this field” problem...

Farming Valley v1.0

Hir I want you my Farming_Valley pre-stuffs which is a gold crest valley rebuilt was blocked silo loads shelf woodcutter feed mixer compostMaster2k17 seedMaster2k17 Joinery refinery Fabrik2 gartencenter digestateFertFactory I thank all modders for their properties which I have built. Should have overlooked someone I or someone recognize its object and. Authors: himmi – 1.1 GB

Draw Mixer Wagon v17.0.1.0

Mixing indication of the feeding trolley in other vehicles as well as on foot Changelog: 17.0.1: Fixed a error while selling Game Farming Simulator 17 Manufacturer Category Other Author Heady Size 22 KB Version Released 13.03.2017 Platform PC/MAC Authors: Heady – 22 KB

Flatwood Acres v2.2

Update: Same description as before, moved vehicle reset to courtyard, added markers to triggers at reffinery, added pedestrians, and courseplay scans smoothely now, Enjoy. Authors: brownthumb,Giants,GTX Mods,t0xic0m,kevink98,Morice,Ultra_Tonio_Modding,MiguelAngel988,RT-mods,skeleton,Funky,XaaD,Dorset,CBJ Midwest Modding,Farmer_Andy,Marhu,Buschi,Kastor,Auwgl,m4pj3cts and if there is anyone i didn’t list, I Thank You! – 905.1 MB