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Mod allows installation on all kenguryatnik bumper for Peterbilt 389 for ATS

Mod allows installation on all kenguryatnik bumper for Peterbilt 389 for ATS Works in MP. Enables installation kenguryatnik the following bumper ? Bumper Standard Flares Bumper Modern Flares Bumper Modern Flares II !! ATTENTION !! Set up only in the single) Subscribe to my group in VK “” there I also post mods for ETS 2 and ATS multiplayer. Authors: Black Sky –Black_Sky–_Unlock_f_grill_on_all_bump.scs – 24 KB



Description: Introduction This mod adds new engines to each of the SCS trucks in game (579, t680, and the w900). These engines are replicated from real life engines, and contain real horsepower and torque ratings. A lot of research went into these engines to ensure that the numbers behind each engine are correct. All the included engines use Kriechbaums engine sounds, for added realism. In total, I have added 10 new engines (6 Cummins ISX, and 4 Paccar Mx-13) engines...



Description: License plates for Peterbilt 579 and Kenworth T680 SCS trucks. You can make your own custom license plate too: Only open “custom” folder and edit “” file. Enjoy it!! Credits: Solaris36 License_plates_v1_by_Solaris36.rar – 19.1 MB



Description: Guidot has went ahead and separated the rims from my ETS2 mod into their three parts (disc, hub, nuts), and got them working in ATS, and also made them fit with standard tires, and tires from 50k (and the real tires mod). They look great, and I thank him for that. For ATS 1.2+ Support and other things from me: NOTE: Original tires not included. Credits: Ventyres, Siberius, LeafeonGold, guidot __z1_New_Old_Wheels.scs – 18.8 MB



Description: This mods change the engine braking and flywheel inertia. The engine braking are not the jake brake. Its the time the engine brake before to get to the idle (normaly 500RPM) Work with all truck and newest version (1.2.x) I recommended to use with a Steering wheel with the clutch pedal but if you want it take it ! This Transmission Physics are tested with Pet 379 EXHD with a 3406E engine 375HP and 1920 torque with 3.40 rear...