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Claas Lexion 750, 750TT: VERSION 1.4 – Adding animation forage harvester – Wiper walk in the rain – Fixed a warning in 1200 vario – New elements in the combine, such as new hatch from the grain tank, ladder, new rear – Fixed a problem with dirty in the cabin – Lighting is working properly now, all 3 lights operate at once – New sounds in 3D – New animation filling the grain – Improving the visual model – Improving...

Claas Lexion Elite Pack Washable

Description: – Claas Lexion 780 Combine – Claas Lexion 780 Terra Trac Combine – Claas Vario 750 Cutter – Claas Vario 900 Cutter – Claas Vario 1050 Cutter – Claas Lexion 750 Combine – Claas Lexion 750 Terra Trac Combine – Claas Lexion 770 Combine – Claas Lexion 770 Terra Trac Combine – 2 Claas Vario 1200 Cutter – Conspeed 8 and 12 Cutters – Header Trailers Pack is Washable Credits: SFM-Modding, BM-Modding, Coufy, VMV Modding, Sotillo, BJR, JDFan DOWNLOAD...

Claas Commandor 116 CS

Description: – Reel and cutting are controlled completely via mouse – Straw and chaff function to the thresher must be selected – Filler pipe must specially be extended and be activated with key “O” – Working and transport mode Credits: schlueterfan1977, Willymi, Perkins Burner DOWNLOAD ShareMods

New Holland CR Pack Washable v 2.0 MR

Description: In Pack included: – New Holland CR 9.90 wheeled Combine – New Holland CR 10.90 tracked Combine – New Holland Varifeed 12.5 Cutter – Genovese Cutter Trailer Features: – Illumination – RPM Display Control – Speed Display Control – Washable – Real Particles System – Driving Particle System – Indoor Sound – ES Limiter – Dynamic Unloading – Straw Spec Credits: Julian11 DOWNLOAD ShareMods

Holmer Terra Dos T2 Combine v 1.0

Description: Holmer Terra Dos beet harvesters are one of the most popular beet machines in world. They are dedicated to medium and bigger farms. Credits: Matinho, Burner, Lechu, Ziuta, Aranea, Silv3r, Kewin7777, Lechu, Patryk1634 DOWNLOAD ShareMods