Category: Objects

Halls Pack v 1.0

Description: 2 Halls, which you can use for grain storage, machinery storage or use it as a sell point. Credits: Dutch Agricultural Moddeling DOWNLOAD

Placeable Pile v 3.0

Description: New in v 3.0 BETA version: – Conversion to UPK – Piles can be named and will appear in the PDA on the map and statistics – New clusters form – Improved texturing Credits: mor2000 DOWNLOAD ShareMods

Stepa Hay Crane Silo Hall v 1.0

Description: The hall with Stepa Hay Crane This hall has at the top of a mobile Hay Crane the company Stepa At the hall still has four silos, which can be filled with grass To leave then ferment the grass silage And there is a bearing point for straw or hay The hay, straw or grass can be dumped in the upper area and then loaded with the Heukran in the silo or storage location Then there is the bottom...

Brewery with Production Mod v 2.0

Description: It is only produced beer when you have delivered the three products (barley, hops and water) – Barley: 150000 – Hops: 120000 – Water: 200000 – The roller door is now shut – In production the capacity would be changed: – Beer / h: 3450 – Beer capacity maximum 200000 Credits: GE Mapping DOWNLOAD