Farming Simulator 2013

New Holland T7 Pack Mods

Description: I present to you 4 New Holland T7 tractors. In the package: * New Holland T7030[WIALAN] * New Holland T7030 FL [Perkoz] * New Holland T7070[WIALAN] * New Holland T7 220 * Front Loader New Holland * NH Weight Functions: – Ploughing Spec v2(key F7) – New Skin,New Wheels …

Farming Simulator 2013

Renault Magnum Reute 66 Edition + Trailer v 1.0

Description: Reute 66 Edition Renault Magnum Truck with Kroeger Agroliner SRB 35 Trailer. Credits: ActrosCrew, zorlac, SKJ DOWNLOAD

Farming Simulator 2013


Description: I once encountered a pack of growing equipment together. The mods are not mine, I put the pack together only. MfG MF3640GE Credits: Nicolas rannard DOWNLOAD ShareMods

Farming Simulator 2013

Pack OF Mods By EDZIO021 v 1.0

Description: Fashion Tested on patch 2.1 Mods are very nicely done and have a nice interior equipment Credits: Edzio021 DOWNLOAD

Farming Simulator 2013

Rabe Ske 400 and Rabe Multidrill v 2.0 More Realistic

Description: Rabe SKE 400 Cultivator: – Animated centrifugal – Working Particle System – 3 point hitch for semi mounted equipment – Work width 4 m Rabe Multidrill Seeder: – Suitable for SKE 400 to saddle up – Work width 4 m Credits: schlueterfan1977, modeleicher, John Deere 6930 DOWNLOAD


Claas Lexion + Tools Pack

Description: – Claas Lexion 770 Combine – Claas Lexion Terra Trac 770 Combine – Claas Vario 900 Cutter – Claas Vario 1050 Cutter – Claas Vario 1200 Cutter – Claas Vario 1350 Cutter – Claas Lexion 780 Combine – Claas Lexion Terra Trac 780 Combine – Claas Lexion 750 Combine …

Farming Simulator 2013

Portalkran And Palfinger Stapler Pack v 2.0

Description: You can load crane vehicles. It operates from management and agile mouse in all directions. Ship manure, silage, straw, wheat, barley, hay and grass. In the pack includes two semi-trailer crane, wheel loader, forks for pallets, bucket and two halls. Updates in version 2: added a portal container loading …

Farming Simulator 2013

US Milk Trailers v 1.0

Description: The trailer is ideal to carry with a capacity of 45000 liters of milk to the farms to supply them with milk. The milk may be sold (to the same positions on the truck holds the milk) in dairy. Credits: oxtar DOWNLOAD ShareMods