New Holland CX8090 + Sounds

Description: – Chopper Switcher – Lighting v 3.1 – Manual ignition – ES Limiter – Grain Tank Animation – Real Exhaust Particle System – Drive Ground Particles – OperatingHours – Indoor sound Credits: Petorious, Sotillo, SFM, Yahoo modding, BJR modding, JDFan, Rysiu77 DOWNLOAD ShareMods

Farming Simulator 2013

Wies Land v 3.0

Description: – Polish climate – Specially prepared the ground for Forest Mod – Enlarged farm – Feeding and turn down the pasture and in the barn – The varied terrain – Manure mod – Small and medium sized boxes – Focus core, crop + manure and slurry – Cows, sheep, …

Farming Simulator 2013

Agro Nort Map v 1.0 MR

Description: The Map with a fully functional Pivot pre-installed (you can fertilize with this field, while the simulation irrigation). Installed Soil Management (treated soil), which if not controlled and fertilized and the pH value of the soil with lime, fertilizer and killed the grass with herbicide not only production. All …

Farming Simulator 2013

John Deere 6100 New Wheels v 2.1

Description: – Ploughing Spec – Lighting – Real Exhaust Particle System – Manual Ignition – Interactive Control – Doors, rear window and some other animations inside on IC – Extra Weight on the front – ES Limiter – Operating Hours – Move Attacher – Wheel Particle Spec – Dual Wheels. …

Farming Simulator 2013

Mercedes Benz SK 2638 HKL Pack v 1.0

Description: – HKL Seeds – HKL Fertilizer – Rethmann Container – Mercedes Benz SK 2638 HKL Truck – HKL Tank – Container Trailer Credits: Bandit, FendtBlack DOWNLOAD

Farming Simulator 2013

Claas Cargos 8400

Description: – Adjusting the drawbar, front axle lift, back swing, the animation of moving parts, PTO, pedestal, unloading – Lighting and dust from the wheels – Capacity 34000 l – Used for the selection of rolls of straw and hay as well as for the transport of feed corn, wheat, …

Farming Simulator 2013

John Deere 8400 USA

Description: – Animated pedals – Animated hydraulics – Animation cardan shaft – Silenced cabin – Twin wheels – Warning signs – Doors, window opening – Adjustable hook – Plowing mod – New sounds – Dynamic exhaust – Lighting v 3.1 Credits: Knagsted, RedFox, Modding Crew, Sven777b, JoXXer, fruktor, modelleicher DOWNLOAD …

Farming Simulator 2013

Visini CB 3 Unigreen v 1.1

Description: Capacity 18000 l Credits: MarcoFiat850, Tekk4, daniel11, fruktor, BJR-Modding, Sven777b, Manuel Leithner, WoutvdBerg, Lsportal modteam, Dami95, Mlody, LenoX, Sbaffo DOWNLOAD