Farming Simulator 2013

Marumer Map v 2.0

Description: – Added slopes and hills for extra diversity – Overhauled the Sheep farm and the Contractors Farm – Added extra forests – Completely new village created – Added steet signs – Rearranged the Shop Credits: Daederick, Rowan1991, Peter7530 DOWNLOAD

Farming Simulator 2013

Hochblauen Land v 2.0

Description: – On the map is still sunflower, oats and rye can also be grown in addition to the standard fruits. A pig and fattening calves are fitted on the map – A sand pit in which to load sand and then on camping sale may again is to find …

Farming Simulator 2013

Gamsting Map v 2.0

Description: – Hens can now place a lot more eggs – Maize plants were removed – Wood chip consumption has changed – Tyre were adjusted in the cowshed – Passage for cows was created in the cowshed – Super Silo Trigger was enlarged – The collision was removed on all …

Farming Simulator 2013

Old Hagenstedt with Forestry Land v 1.4

Description: – The roll-up doors of the fire station can be opened only from the inside, the doors from the inside and the outside – At the station there is a hydrant refueling of firetrucks – The unloading of the Hofsilos was replaced by a new one – In the …

Farming Simulator 2013

Helmets Reservoir Map v 2.0

Description: – Various new plants to grow (Multifruit) – Fields you need to buy – All points of purchase are at the Machine Shop – City, Church – Good for low poly Pc’s Optimization is good – Small BGA – Start vehicles – 8 small and medium sized fields – …


Gregoire G20 Combine v 2.0

Description: Gregoire G20 Grape Combine – Speed ​​30 km/h – Hopper capacity: 3000 l – AO textures Credits: Nico0179 DOWNLOAD ShareMods

Farming Simulator 2013

Universal UTB 650M Animated

Description: – Hand Animation – Manual start – Opening doors, windows, hood – Animated pedals, gears, indicators – Boarding animation Credits: G&K Modding Team, GabeszHD DOWNLOAD

Farming Simulator 2013

Ursus 1014 + FL

Description: – Plowing mod – Handbrake – Animated rear linkage and steering – Manual firing – Animation of mobile hand the farmer – Opening doors, back glass, side windows, sunroof – Adjustable hook approach – Animations clutch, gas, brake, gearshift, magneto, fan and PTO – Revolution counters, fuel level, pressure, …