Farming Simulator 2015

FS2015 SCHROCK NG1100KG V1.0

Description: Weight CNH Style Chain Washable Cubemap FS17 1100Kg Credits: Weight CNH Style Chain Washable Cubemap FS17 1100Kg Model: Unknown FS13,PES 4ever Texture: Unknown FS13,PES 4ever,STv-Modding Script: STv-Modding Idea / Concept: Unknown FS13,PES 4ever,STv-Modding Testing: STv-Modding Other: Unknown FS13,PES 4ever,STv-Modding – 2.2 MB

Farming Simulator 2015


Description: This is the Rotech 830 Bulldozer which was converted from the Giants game Demolition Company Gold. This mod has animated front blade, rear ripper and working steel tracks. The blade and ripper are mouse controlled. Also features front and rear work lights. There are no working functions such as …

Farming Simulator 2015


Description: Zunhammer Tandem tankers are short and manoeuvrable! The compact design allows maneuvering in the narrowest of farms and a attaching of two K15T to train under a total length of 18m. The plastictank has the wedge shape between the frame an optimum location for the mixing screw and favors …


FS2015 1984 CHEVY 30 SERIES 6.5 DIESEL V2.0

Description: This is just a revision of my version 1 I just raised body back to stock height for those who like stock height and again there are no color choices black and a white one is its there is no dds file for body so color choice had to …


FS2015 FENDT 9460R V1.0

Description: – Power – 459 hp – light – Mirrors – The speedometer, tachometer – animation – passenger script – Bunker capacity – 12334 liters – Dust from the wheels – Traces of wheels – Dirt / Full washable Credits: SIID FENDT_9460R__Unpack_.rar – 75.8 MB

Farming Simulator 2015


Description: New Holland BluePoer t6 Breittere Reiffen Neu textur Hinten Kan Man zwillingsreiffen anbauen fenster hinten kan öffnen auch Credits: ich bin sellbst der modder – 20.0 MB

Farming Simulator 2015

FS2015 BRANTNER TA20051 V1

Description: Es wurde das neue Schlauchscript (verbesserter Anschluss) verbaut. Die Anschlüsse wurden nochmals überarbeitet und neu platziert. neuer Skin neue Decals Plane zum einblenden neue Reifen mit Wheelshader Lenkachse korrigiert höhenverstellbare Deichsel per Mouse HiddeWarningInvalidFillType verbaut Credits: Speedy77, Hoschi97 Edit: Güllemax (FBM) – 16.2 MB

Farming Simulator 2015

FS2015 BRANTNER Z 18051 V1.1

Description: Brantner Z 18051 XXL Multiplex – Neuer Skin – Neue Reifen – Decals überarbeitet – Fahreigenschaften korrigiert – Plane zum einblenden – …. weitere Kleinigkeiten …. Credits: Original: Giants Software GmbH (FBM-Team): Speedy77, Hoschi97, Güllemax, New Deere Edit: Oppa1991 Publisher: Forbidden Mods – 12.1 MB