Category: Farming simulator 2017 mods

Massey Ferguson 8700 USA v1.0.0.0

I started with Farmer Steven’s 8700 and modified it to make it more American since the game lacks American tractors. IC control for the door, rear window, roof window and signal arms. Interior lighting and Gearbox mod are ready to go. I changed the gearbox to the Dyna 6 since I like it much more than the CVT. There are many options and configurations. -11 Tire and wheel options -6 different fender arrangements -2 rear attacher options -3 front attacher/weight...

John Deere Gator v1.0

This gator is perfect for around the farm. It comes with a trailer that con hold 500 liters of anything. I have converted it myself. It has a beacon as well. Please enjoy this mod! Authors: kim_121 made this mod. – 15.4 MB

Arcusin Autostack Pack v1.0.2.0

Huhu @ all, here now my Arcusin AutoStack Pack for the LS 17. In this pack are now the single axle versions of the skins included! Changelog Version New Particle systems for grass, hay and straw added. An example video with straw bales can be found under Videos Particle system for wrapped bale deactivated (Kuhn DLC) Optimizations to the BaleLoaderExtension.lua Changelog Version The index for Ball Collision will now read out in a MP game. Thus the script...

Kraz 256 V3

Truck with good textures and sound Kraz 256 V3 for Farming Simulator 17, open doors, the greatest speed of 83 km/h, the capacity of 22 000 kg carries a standard set of goods. Authors: xxQupidxx – 18.4 MB

KPM 10 v1.0

The cultivator gets dirty,leaves traces, dust from under the wheels,spelled animation of the earth during operation of the cultivator in the field. P.S: Willing to reward financially: WebMoney WME E153526823686 Authors: Sergey Boyko,Vovk@_FarmeR,Mr_SaiRUS – 15.9 MB

Herberts Sosnovka Converted default map

Hello LS17 Fan Map briefly updated and minor changes. The farmer now has his own home and the power line is no longer empty. Please enter all mods into the mods folder and start a new savegame. From the Savegame, which has been played for some time, delete both fruit-density and paste and paste the rest into the new savegame. If the textures do not fit in already machined fields simply let the helper grubber. 1. The take-off trigger for...

Wilson Ranch Hand 24ft V1

I found this mod a little over a week ago in fs 15 mods it was pictured with a dodge flatbed truck I had never seen this mod before I seen it the other day on fs15 mods search I knew from picture that I wanted to convert it to fs 17 luckly someone had asked where to get it and had direct link to it so I got my hands on it and started the conversion it was only...