Essentials Mod Pack V3.4

Euro Truck Simulator 2


AI fixes:

1. AI trucks will now transport all trailer types available in the
2. Traffic Panel Transporter trailers no longer shows up as the red
variant only.
3. Added more variants of AI trucks (with different cabin and chassis
4. Adds missing stock exhaust to the AI DAF trucks.
5. Adds missing side mirror to the AI Renault, Scania and Volvo
6. Traffic vehicles that are not set to appear in a specific country
will still appear rarely.
7. Made the MB Actros, Renault Magnum, Renault Premium, Scania R,
Scania Streamline and Volvo FH16 traffic trucks use the detailed model
when close up like the other trucks.
8. Added the missing chassis badge numbers to the traffic MAN trucks.
9. Fixed lod models of the Accord, Fabia, Octavia and Punto to use the
correct wheels.
10. Added roof decals to traffic Volvo FH trucks.
11. Traffic Scania Streamline uses the correct engine and grille
12. Adjusted maximum speed of some AI vehicles.

Dealer fixes:

1. Missing side mirror on one of the DAF, MAN and Iveco dealers’
trucks has been added as default.
2. Fixed UK exclusive dashboard image of MAN TGX.
3. Front mirror of the MAN TGX for XL and XLX cabs has been changed to
use the correct one.
4. Default paintjob of the MAN TGX 18.680 V8 has been changed to use
the V8 black paintjob, while the 26.540 truck beside it now uses the
Shadow gray paintjob instead.
5. A 6×4 model is offered by the DAF truck dealer by default.
6. Fixed inconsistencies between UK and Europe truck dealers (some of
the same trucks had different gearboxes installed).
7. Top range Renault Magnum is now fitted with the 520hp engine as
8. The Iveco Stralis Hi-Way is also avaliable at small Iveco dealers.
9. Base model Volvo FH 420 is now avaliable as a starter truck, while
the base model FH16 540 Classic will only unlock at level 9 (at level
9 you can choose between the FH 500 or the FH16 540 Classic).
10. The FH16 600 Globetrotter 6×2 is also available at small truck
11. Missing Euro 6 badges added to the Scania Streamlines at the truck
12. Scania Streamline default paintjob now available as stock at the
truck dealers.
13. Front mirror of the Scania Streamline Topline cab as well as the
sunshield of the normal and highline cabs has been changed to use the
correct one.
14. DC16 V8 engines are also available for the Scania Streamline
normal cab.

Trailer fixes:

1. Gooseneck chassis and cargo now shows up in all 3 color variants.
2. Fixes missing lod of the brick, chemical and fuel cistern
3. Opentop trailer shadow bug fixed.
4. Parked trailers now use the detailed model instead, since there is
a bug where the trailer doesn’t change to a higher quality model when
it is picked up by the player.
5. Fixed Gooseneck cargo (30ft) model. Previously the red and green
color variants were mapped to the wrong look.
6. Corrected wheels of the Skoda Octavia cargo on the car
7. Made the Container trailer use the Schmitz universal trailer shadow
texture instead of from the food cistern trailer.
8. Made the Reefer trailer use the Krone Cool Liner trailer shadow
texture instead of from the food cistern trailer.
9. Added ui shadow for the opentop trailer in freight market.
10. Fixed the lod models of the Container and Reefer trailers so that
the trailers do not disappear from far.

Truck fixes:

1. Corrected cabin names of the Iveco Stralis and the Renault Magnum.
2. Gearbox name corrections for Iveco Stralis, MAN TGX and Renault
3. DAF XF stock left exhaust does not conflict with the right
4. MAN LHD dashboard “30″ and “50″ kph readings do not disappear at
5. Mercedes-Benz Actros engine names corrected (no longer using the
18xx chassis format).
6. Fixed the “400″ badge texture of the MAN.
7. MAN 324kW (440hp) engine type is changed to D2066, since the D2676
range only starts from 353kW (480hp) onwards.
8. Fixed Iveco Stralis Hi-Way naming problem. It no longer shows up as
the Iveco Hi-Way Hi-Way at driver manager.
9. The sideskirt of the 4×2 Iveco Stralis Hi-Way can now be removed.
10. Fixed Iveco Stralis tachometer needle not shifting at the correct
11. Fixed UK Volvo FH16 Classic tachometer needle accuracy.


1. Concrete cargo added for transport.
2. Added retarder to the DAF, old Iveco, MAN, MB, Renault and Volvo
Classic first job trucks.
3. V8 black paintjob is now used by the MAN first job truck.
4. Fixed inconsistency of parts available between LHD/RHD quick job
trucks as well as increased engines variety.
5. Fixed chassis badge number of the quick job MAN TGX 6X4 trucks
(from 26 to 33).
6. Added roof decals and changed standard interior into exclusive
interior of the new Volvo FH first job truck.
7. Added the removed “Express” paintjob.
8. Adjusted stock exhaust pipe price of Iveco Stralis Hi-Way to match
the Iveco Stralis.
9. Material of the painted sideskirts has been edited to use
‘eut2.dif.spec.add.env.paint’ instead, so that the AI trucks
sideskirts will not become unpainted.

Real logos (EssentialsRealLogos.scs), adds real logos to the game:

1. Adds real logos to Mercedes-Benz C Class wagon, Opel Astra and
Volvo XC90.
2. Changes Majestic into Mercedes-Benz.
3. Changes Gestone, Continent and Goodyears tires into Bridgestone,
Continental and Goodyear tires respectively.
4. Changes Schmied BigCargo trailer logos to Schmitz Cargobull.
5. Changes Scout Cars to Škoda Auto.
6. Real Gas Stations.
7. Real logos for heavy duty machinery.
8. Krone Cooliner and Profi Liner trailers now use the Krone livery.
9. Brick trailer logos have been changed from Beger to Berger, Schwar
Muller to Schwarzmuller.

Trailers mod (EssentialsTrailers.scs), adds more stock trailers to the

1. Unused trailers such as the Container, Opentop and Reefer will be
available for transport.
2. Adds unused red and green color variants to the gooseneck cargoes.
3. Adds unused yellow color variant to the cement mixer.
4. Adds a new variant of the Krone trailers, it uses the companies
paintjob instead of the stock Krone paintjob.
5. Adds a new unused variant of the Schmitz container trailer, it uses
the companies paintjob instead of the stock Schmitz paintjob.

1. Pete379jp for the real logos of the Mercedes-Benz Actros.
2. lonestranger for the real logo heavy duty equipment.
3. Diago Sofrano a.k.a zeroniner for the real tires manufactures mod.
4. Yusuf Bolukbasi for the Schmitz Trailer logos.
5. LT-Schall for the real gas stations mod.

Version game:
Works with 1.9.22,1.9.24 and above version


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