ETS2 МАZ 5340/5440/6430А8 REWORKED (UPD:19.05.16) 1.23.X



Update 19/05/16
New in this version:
– Reconfigured glass materials, which helped overcome the “overexposure” at the sight glass on the outside with enabled HDR. Once this bug did not notice, because I play without HDR.
– On the advice of Dark_Wolf (for which many thanks to him) corrected some textures, significantly reduce the appearance of polygon mesh at a distance. But completely, unfortunately this was not possible to overcome the bug.
– Several other minor improvements in the model.

Dealer DAF, 2 slot.
The model has:
+ 3 types of chassis: 5440A8 (4×2); 6430A8 (6×4); 5340A8 (tent 4×2).
+ 2 types of interior (different steering wheel).
+ His own wheels and sound.
+ Painted in factory colors, including in “metallic.” Can stain plastic parts of feathers in the cab color.
+ Extensive tuning (optics, shutter, GPS, flashing lights, etc..).
+ Completely redesigned sound.
+ Fully converted residence.
+ Delete “tails” registration DAF CF, used in previous versions.
+ Added regular engines YaMZ-7511 (Euro-2), YaMZ-6581 (Euro-3).
+ Added YaMZ regular PPC-239 (9 stages), Shaanxi Fast Gear 12JS200TA (entities. Eaton’s, 12 stages) and ZF 16S1650 (16 steps, with retarder) and corresponding ratios ZM.
+ Fixed indicator lamps on the instrument panel (extra lamps extinguished, light up only when needed).
+ Spelled out as close to the factory colors.
+ His icons for the main parts of the model.
+ Tracker is registered to work in the companies.
+ Lots of improvements and bug fixes in the model.
+ Wheels are divided into tire and wheels, added “stub” for parts of wheels that appeared in version 1.23 of the game, as well as caps wheels.
+ If possible, remove unused materials.
All files models + reduced truck.pmd one instead of 6 as previously. Painted in cab color of the plumage made additional details.
+ Fixed a lot of small defects.
+ New details for tuning both in the cabin and outside.
+ All tuning most pronounced in parts of the slots default.
+ DLC Support “Cabin Accessories”.

Game version: 1.23.x

The authors model MAZ-5440:
Ols, Drzivago, Shpunt, Volk86, Nik_1MTK, Ra1ley, MiRoN, Fanis, By_maz_man, MRD_BMZ
Upgrading, updating, adaptation to the versions of the game 1.16-1.22:
Maxim Kokorin, sanek750, Nikita Razgulyaev, vovangt4
Re-registration and adaptation to version 1.23, optimization model, completion of some errors, some details: il_86
Sounds: Dark_Wolf
Special thanks to: knox_xss
Other models used:
– CB-radio: WombaT, unknown author *
– Fresheners: GTrucker, unknown author *
– Mobile phone: daf1
– Radio Pioneer DEH-P5900, Video: unknown author *
* – Presumably, Moders Team Poland

maz_5440_a8_1.23_1.2.1.rar – 89.0 MB

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