ETS2 MACK RS700 V2.0


This is the Update that most of you will like this because in this update I have a new Interior Very Suitable Interior and some nice accessories available, and I also highlighted the Requested Mack RS700L and “Rubber Duck Truck” from the movie “Convoy” as a variant or an access to its well like attachments and Cabin.

What’s New? (Changelog)
• Mack RS700L and “Rubber Duck” Featured Accessories Available.
• New Accessories/Attachments.
• Added Rubber Duck and Mack Dog Hood Accessory.
• Fixed Materials, Textures and its UV Maps.
• Fix Collision, Shadows and Physics for New Cab.
• Fixed Description, Truck Name, and Accessory Names.
• Fender Accessory available.
• 6 New Engine Sound for 12 Engines.
• Limited Attachment/Accessory.
• Optimized Materials and Texture
• Fixed Hood Chrome Grill, Fixed Solidified Chrome Badges/Logos.
• 2 Cabins with Separate Chassis.
• 12 Engine and Sounds.
• New Mack Interior.
• Fixed Alignment of Fifth Wheel/Hook.
• Headlights and Rear Lights Fixed.
• New Horn and Top lights attached.
• No Bugs and/or Errors.

John Necir Rebellion, Blender w/ 50Keda’s plugin, SCS Software, Kriechbaum, Matt_Streamline, davidchatoyan, FRANK_WOT, Андрей Васильев, vitalik062, maick P.

_John_Necir_Rebellion__Mack_RS700_v2.0.rar – 61.3 MB

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