Euro Truck Simulator 2


*(Improvements Advanced Mod v 2.7)
Changelog in Version 2.7 – 06/28/2016
• European Fuels updated 6/27/2016.
• Euro re-added to the MOD.
• The company is officially Scout Škoda Auto.
• Changes in trailers (Digger, Digger 500 1000, Driller, Excavator, Forklifts, Roller, tractor) now have their real names.
• Real logos for Caterpillar ® heavy equipment
• 12-speed transmissions updated for all Trucks.
• DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, now have new 16-speed transmissions.
• Scania, Volvo, now have new 14-speed transmissions.
• Renault, new free single speed transmissions.
• The tyres have the brands (Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear).
• Several fixes to the definition files of the trucks offered by the retailer.
• Set the stock price Iveco Stralis exhaust pipe Hi-way to coincide with the Iveco Stralis.
• Price of paintjob bubbles set Scania Streamline to combine with the other trucks.
• Customizing pieces are limited to the correct configuration (V8 sideskirts/interior roof decals, Volvo will be available only with the correct combination of engine/taxi).
• Trailers feature real brands tires.
• Names of the Iveco Stralis cabin and the Renault Magnum.
• Corrected names of gearbox for the Iveco Stralis, MAN TGX and Renault trucks.
• Mercedes-Benz Actros engine name corrected (not using the format of 18xx chassis).
• Readings from km/h to 30 “Panel” and “50” LHD man don’t disappear overnight.
• DAF XF, stock exhaust left does not conflict with the right of the escape.
• Iveco Stralis 4 x 2 Hi-Way the sideskirt can now be removed.
• Fixed problem Iveco Stralis Hi-Way of appointment, he no longer appears as the Iveco way Hi Hi-Way in the driver manager.
• DAF XF Euro 6, Sun protection can now be removed.
• The type of headlamps (halogen or xenon) is done depends on the type of cab, and not if you purchased a truck with halogen or xenon headlights acquired the truck.
• Realistic reverse gear ratios for the ZF AS Tronic (DAF, Iveco, MAN), Mercedes and Renault/Volvo gearboxes.
• Green Navigation, GPS is now colored.
• Inner Cams Real v. 1.3.3 (his wheel in a more realistic).
• New HD map for the original game.
• Revamped sound of garage door and corrected its volume to a lower level, opens at a certain distance.
• Reduced Volume of yawn slightly for simulation of fatigue.
• Classic/ding sound history for as long as the fuel is pumping (about decades of 1960 to 1970). The number of dents to give you an idea about how much you refueled.
• Real fuel pump, fuel cap sounds, door close, click safety harness and insert sound effect key after refuelling for a full tank.
• Real stick/switch/button sounds for: parking brake light, danger, Rod wipers, blink/indicator/signal switch, light.
• Sound Retardant changed to actual sound.
• AI traffic of vehicles given new sounds of Horn. Depending on the patience of the driver, can be used a short or long Horn.
• Trucks/bus transit THERE given more variations of sounds (turbo, engines, gear changes).
• You can hear the sound of light vehicles, overtaking or passing you by in the oncoming lane.
• New jobs added ARAL, TOTAL, BP, Esso and Agip.
• Sound retardant changed to sound real retarder.
• Driver alert sound system installed in all trucks (ETS2 exclusive feature).
• Volume and audio reworked to biplanes, trains (train horns included) and helicopters.
• Extreme Physics Alpha. (Version 1.0).

Elvis Amorim GA

MOD_Melhorias_Avan__adas_v2.7.rar – 33.6 MB

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