Euro Truck Simulator 2


Chngelog: Pardubak’sEconomyMod_v.1.1
– removed tallgates for now from my mod. (Conflict with Promods.)
version: Pardubak’sEconomyMod_v.1.0.1
Credits: Pardubak, Klaas, DocMoriarties and SCS. Pictures is from
In game set my mod to high priority, because it change some economy data from Promods.
Mod have been tested on ETS2 v. + Project Balkans 2.03 + Vladzz-G’s map for ProMods v.2.01 R2 + ProMods 2.03 + RusMap 1.6.3.
I try make ETS2 economy closer to reality. At this moment I have changed economy data, bank loan, damage data and prices of ferry and police fines.
What is different against original game files:
Ferry prices have been changed to real ones according to from 30/06/2016.
Police Fines:
500,-€ car crash
350,-€ avoid sleeping
100,-€ wrong way
120,-€ speeding (camera)
120,-€ no lights during night
120,-€ red lights
120,-€ speeding
You can take your first loan after 20 jobs or after reaching level 4 (100 000,-€).
100 000,-€ payed in 09 weeks ( 23% interest rate)
200 000,-€ payed in 18 weeks ( 19% interest rate)
350 000,-€ payed in 27 weeks ( 15% interest rate)
500 000,-€ payed in 36 weeks ( 12% interest rate)
Your loan limit will raise at level 12 to 500.000€
Your loan limit will raise at level 24 to 1.000.000€
Your loan limit will raise at level 36 to 1.500.000€
Truck refund is set to 65% of original price.
Price for small garage is set to 120 000,-€
Price for garage update is set to 80 000,-€
Garage productivity have been changed:
Tiny garage = 20 000,-€
Small garage = 70 000,-€
Large garage = 150 000,-€
Fuel discount on your own garage is set to 25%
Abandoned job fine is set to 4 000,-€
Cargo damage cost you -100,-€ per 1% of damage.
No cargo productivity is set to 25%
Driving time: 10.00 Hour
Sleeping time: 09.00 Hour
Free driver level cap is set to Level 30.
Driver hire cost is set to 1 500,-€.
Driver quit time is set to 7 days, warn at 5 days.
Hired drivers salary is 350,-€ + 1,20€ (per kilometer)
When you buy your own truck your salary is going raise to 500,-€ + 1,80€ (per kilometer)
Reward Bonuses:
For long distance, valuable, fragile and urgent cargo the reward bonuse raises at 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5% and 6% with every level until 21% in total (after 6th level).
Experience Bonuses:
You need 3x more XP to the next level against original.
XP penalty for late delivery is set to 40%
XP penalty for damaged cargo is set to -8XP per 1% of cargo damage
XP bonus for perfect delivery is set to 19%
XP bonus for ADR delivery is set to 16%
XP bonus for important delivery is set to 15%
XP bonus for urgent delivery is set to 25%
XP bonus for fragile delivery is set to 17%
XP bonus for long distance delivery is set to 20%
XP bonus for valuable delivery is set to 13%
XP bonus for parking is set to 75XP
XP bonus for cargo delivery is set to 50XP per 100km
XP bonus for free roam is set to 25XP per 100km

Pardubak, Klaas, DocMoriarties and SCS

Pardubak_sEconomyMod_v.1.1.scs – 39 KB

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