Andres Map v 1.4

Farming Simulator 2013


4 courtyards, one main court . A Gemüßehof only for the fruits of the earth , a plantation only for apple , pear, plum , coffee and Kirsche.Und a large animal farm with fattening animals , such as pigs, cattle, breeding sheep , geese , rabbits and horses.
In the main courtyard , there is a fruit warehouse , a gas station (which you must befühllen itself) , and a diesel and biodiesel stock.
A camp for seed and fertilizer is also vorhanden.Diesel you get the land trade , where to change the Preiße . Diesel you get even with the Rapsraffenerie as must leave her rape and then gets after some time diesel. In the tank on the farm fit 54000Liter .
On the Gemüßehof there is also a gas station as in the central courtyard , a camp for all root crops , such as potatoes , sugar beets, tomatoes , cucumbers , carrots, Weis and red cabbage.
All Erdfüchte be seeded as potatoes.
On the plantation you will find a small camp and a shelter .
On the animal farm , there is a feed store and a large feed mixing plant.
The fattening animals get all Gerteidefutter – concentrate gets her since abgebt compound feed in the feed mill where her .

Newly listed :
Road network rebuilt with a highway .
Sewage treatment plant : takes manure and water are
Spinnery : Records are breeding sheep and wool ( Can be sold at the harbor )
Biodieselfarik : assert diesel from the Rapsraffernarie and biodiesel are out again ( can then be sold at the tanker at the port.
Everything fattening animals can be sold at slaughter .
For the Map you need some Mod’s because with it a little better running on the map.

Ein ganz großen dank geht an das A-G-S Team


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