Manipulate Farm Silos Mod v 1.0

Farming Simulator 2013


The script simply copy folder in the mods. If you then ingame since then press left CTRL key, then appears in the help box the button press you to have to enter the menu. The player is then fixed in position. Close the menus with Left Ctrl + Spacebar is also available in the bar below the menu.
Use the Up / Down keys you can turn the page in the menu, use the arrow keys up / down each row. The selected row is then highlighted in “yellow” and represented the font in “fat”.
With Plus you increase the silo contents in each case by the number stands at the end of the line, with their minus reduced the content of the value. You can not go into the red. Some silos you can adjust the value that you see it the left under the line a box will appear to indicate the quantity and the keys for the % numbers as for example :
– Amount is 10000
– Button 1 1000
– Button 2 2000
The Current Value for the increasing, which is then also in the lines at the end. The keys are to 1 – set to 0
The menu can be opened only when you are traveling on foot, since you can so in a vehicle you do not open it.

It is possible to increase the standard of fruit in the silos, also the account balance, the number of animals, as well as the content of the feed troughs and even the dung and liquid manure pit.
For maps on which a food bearing is installed you can also increase the contents of the silo for straw, grass, animal feed and silage.
In maps where there is a pile of manure the NOT to the cow pasture is docked, you can also increase this level, the same applies to the manure pit.
In maps where an animal species is lacking is in the menu at the respective animals “not available”.
When the feed troughs the maximum Füllstande be assumed as maximum value, if you ingame with the loader wagon tilts eg grass, then eventually comes the message that is the feeding trough for 6 Days filled. The same thing happens here in the script if you increase the levels in the animals, then you can only do up to the point what the maximum amount is that the LS permits.
In addition, you can also use the script in the chickens that can lay eggs.
One can manipulate the Silo inhalte with this script.

Desperados93, Bluebaby210


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