Platinum X Mega Map v 10.7

Farming Simulator 2013


– Without wither / weather
– The executor Hall the Court was inserted
– For field 3, the hall has been replaced
– The great hall in the sheep pasture was replaced
– 4 BGA are available on the Map
– Standard BGA in box 7 : Here you can unload everything as usual
– BGA freight station : Here chaff and straw is assumed
– BGA Watermills AG take only chopped
– BGA South take only chopped
– In the two silos at the barn just shredded quality is to be accepted to have silage
– In the nursery there are 2 additional outlets for slurry and manure in MP since it sometimes came to a crowd here
– Straw can be sold at the nursery too
– Three greenhouses a crap camp a nice camp for turnips and potatoes and a farm barn where you can shred straw, hay and silage bales in the feed store to court at a playground right in multiplayer
– The cowshed
– The hall at Block 13 has been removed
– The great hall between box 41 and box 40 has been removed and enlarged 41st
– Bergmann Tera comes for the first time used
– Liebherr wheel loaders are available with more power
– Deutz TTV TTV 6190 and 7250 were equipped with auxiliary power
– The fermentation times have been extended and optimized to a time setting of 15x
– A lot trifles
– At the barn two silos are a feed store for grass, hay, silage and straw for the unloading the food warehouse is located between silo and feed store diagonally opposite is a beautiful site for the Kuhzucht
– The feed store
– The feed store can be filled from different points on the map. Straw and grass you can unload at the farm barns and take back the feed store with the Kuhn SPV
– Hay and silage bales can be seen with the Kuhn Primor the farm barns clean and shred the Kuhn SPV again
– Silage can be beamed across the silage projector at the BGA North and Water Mills Ltd. in the feed store or by freight train in the train yard
– The following points can be transported to the fruit farm
– The unloading point to the campsite and at the LS academy were converted to a central warehouse from where the fruits are transported over an imaginary underground rail network to the yard – Saves a lot of time
– Fruits, which are unloaded at the freight station in the cars are transported to the farm. 4 additional farm projectors were added but still are easy to find
– Manure, Mistmod
– WoolPalette Collector
– Pigsty
– Sheep
– The farm
– Organic Market
– Bio tavern
– Garden Center
– Restaurant
– Freight depot
– Haven
– Country trade
– Water Mills Ltd
– Sugar factory
– Butcher

Giants Software, Askari, Ganelcer, Eifok-Team, WayneischGeld, Fatian, Marhu, Rubiks, Funky, TMT, Bandit, Alex2009, martinbig500, DerLord, BM-Modding, Claas Raser


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