Public Beta Patch V 2.0 Public Beta 2

Farming Simulator 2013


Giants started with the release of this patch public beta test for the patch 2.0.
AN ESSENTIAL innovation is the possibility to connect to the “dedicated server”.
WARNING: BETA means that it can also lead to errors, which, not previously exist with current patch 1.4!!
So this patch is useful primarily for players who want to connect to the new dedicated server itself.
Moreover, there are some feature enhancements and bug fixes
Your complete list of changes can be found -> here
Those who value a stable game decides who plays single player anyway – should not install the patch more!
Support is available in the official Giants Forum: [LS13] Dedicated Server version – feedback thread
If your error notes please post there, but not along the lines that goes not with me, give me a quick …
A fault must be precisely defined:

What’s not when and where
It was previously
Many details as possible
exclude faulty mods

This patch is NOT the “dedicated server”. Still these are only the players who are on the fundraiser – have been involved with a sufficiently Wholesalers generous donation. With the patch you can watch now connect to this server but there UDN test the functionality and performance.

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