Farming Simulator 2015




Version 2.0 Multifruit
Fixed bug of 1.0 V
built refinery gasoline production
Refinery as kaufbares object
Fillable Hoftankstelle the main courtyard, pig farm, Rinderhof
eingefügt- grain train

V 1.0: Alsace is the site of the incident. You can expect a challenging map with many different play possibilities and challenges in beautiful natural landscape with many lovely details.

It is the rolling countryside between the villages Altkich and Dannemarie in Alsace. Apart from the two main towns there are the villages Aspach, Ballersdorf and Carspach, the railway line Stuttgart – Paris and the Rhine-Rhone canal. In the northeast and southwest mountain ranges are fitted with vast forests, the trees can be precipitated.
There are a total of 64 fields, 3 fields and a separate hop field in a total size of about 1,200 HA available. The fields are generated in the landscape and the road and of course maintained. It must often be carried out with a headland.

Fruit varieties:
On fruits are wheat, barley, rye, oats, triticale, spelled, sunflower, rapeseed, corn. Carrots, onions, potatoes, sugar beets and hops installed.

fill types:
Further fill types peat, sand, clay, beer, liquor, bread, chips, beet pulp, compost, Seeds2, fish, fish food and smoked fish are present.

Palette types:
At transportable and tradable pallets wool pallets, dumplings pallets, brick pallets, plum, cherry and apple pallets, egg trays, wooden pallets and pallets are provided with washed potatoes. There are several outlets.

There is a courtyard with several depots and camps available. The straw and grass bed is on a loft, the grain storage in silos and warehouse for compost, beet pulp, chopped, silage, carrots, onions, potatoes and sugar beets are designed as basement storage under the depots with animated door.

In addition to the main patio still exist a pig farm with pigs and cattle with Rinderhof, a poultry farm with chickens and geese breeding. The farms have all been taken from Marhu in version 5.0.

Matching the farms a Viehhandel for pigs and cattle as well as a poultry trade for chickens and geese are inserted. Here each hatchlings can be purchased at a significantly lower price than in the shop and are transported to the respective farms.

In the main courtyard of MixFeeder who BeetMaster, the compost Master, the SeedMaster 2K15, the Balemaster and turnips Schnitzler for direct feeding of the cows are installed.
On straw beds can loose straw and grass are delivered and ends up in the hayloft. Besides trigger are installed which allow to dump grass and straw bales are automatically taken as loose straw or grass in the camp to the hayloft. One can straw and grass bed so the loading wagons or bales fill.

At animals cows, sheep and chickens on the main court, cattle, pigs, chickens for fattening geese are installed at the breeding farms.
For the cows at the main courtyard stands the MixFeeder available. The pig farm is the pig feed production of potato washing system, the potato damper and the pig feed mixers available. This is also required to operate the pig, because pigs can be fed only to the pig feed from its own production plus water.
The cattle in the cattle can be fed only mixed feed. This is what in the main courtyard, the mixer hall. In addition, only water is to be delivered.

Brewery to brew beer for sale
Bakery, bread for sale
Distillery for firing shot for sale
Aquaculture production of fish for the smokehouse
Smokehouse for the production of smoked fish for sale
Obsthof for cherries and plums for sale of pallets
Obsthof for apples for sale of pallets
Sawmill 1 for the production of wood chips and wood pallets for sale
Sawmill 2 for sale of logs to the timber train or in the woods Pond
Eierhof for production of egg trays for sale
Dumpling factory for the production of dumplings pallets for sale
Lehmziegelwerk for producing brick pallets for sale
Sand and clay pit to purchase the products sand and clay for brickworks
Torfwerk to purchase peat as fuel at the central power station
The central power plant for the supply of energy for all production facilities
Pigs for the production of pigs for sale OR as supplier products for the dumpling factory
Cattle for the production of beef cattle for sale

There are a total of 3 BGA installed.
The large BGA has 4 Transit silos and 3 wedge silos with a total of around 4 million capacity and respective 3 processing bunkers and manure basin.
The mean BGA has 2 Transit silos and a central processing stele.
The small BGA has a deep bunker with limited capacity and a slurry tank. The Befütterung done with silage from the, located in the vicinity 7 outdoor silos. There is an interim storage facility where the silage can be stored in the outdoor silos on the BGA land and removed.
The 3 BGA can be filled in SP with a trailer or a wheel loader. In MP only with the wheel loader.

Purchasable objects (buyable objects):
21 built-up on the map objects and productions must first be purchased before they are ready. These are the following items:
Brewery, sawmill; Bakery, distillery, dumpling factory, brickyard, Rinderhof, pig farm, chicken, SeedMaster, MixFeeder, BeetMaster, compost Master, Large BGA, Medium BGA, fountain on the farm (free water), water draw at WWTP (free water), outlet for Multi fruits at the flour mill at the train yard and the Intermarche, fish feed on the fish farm. Feeding the fish in fish farming can be done only with the produced fish feed there. Andres feed will not be accepted. An interim storage facility exists.

It was installed a warehouse in which the products of the bakery (bread), the brewery (beer), the distiller (liquor) and the smokehouse (smoked fish) can be stored to await example, a large demand. There is an instruction manual that requires urgent attention, because otherwise will intercalation removal is still possible at the warehouse. Each product is only accepted a the respectively stated goal or output.

The outlets are displayed in the PDA, it refers to the following locations:
Intermarche, Jardi, flour mill, farmers market, construction, straw power plant, garden center, hotel, water mill, S & H Holzhandlung, eimo SA (dairy), slaughterhouse, Leclerc, spinning, freight station, sewage treatment plant

Power plant:
South of Carspach is the central power station. There, the necessary energy is produced for the whole area. To the various production plants must be angliefert at the respective Schütte peat in sufficient quantity to operate here. The chutes are labeled. Only when the establishment concerned Tord is also available, production can begin. The peat can buy the peat in the west and transported to the power plant. Am Kraftwerk is also an interim storage facility for the peat, so who wants to deliver a larger amount, to then distribute them to the individual businesses, this can be done.

Other features (thinging read):

This mod MUST NECESSARILY located in modfolder because the map is otherwise NOT loaded. The predetermined Giants FillTypes be exceeded. This works ONLY when this mod in the folder.


ENTPACKEN_Altkirch.zip – 455.6 MB uploadfiles.eu/sharemods.com

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