Welcome to Auensee
Although these fictitious map is based on a real name but not the original.
This is again a single-player map with 9 fields. Who can not be bothered, the
Description read, should at least look at the pictures that explain stuff.
On the map you will find the following places:
– Port: Sales – wheat, barley, canola, corn, oats, rye, sunflower, potatoes,
Beet, compost
Purchase – Lime
– Sugar factory: Sale – beet / purchase – Lim
– BGA: sale – silage, potatoes, sugar beets, corn, wood chips
– Schlachter: selling – pork, beef, broilers
– Oil Mill: Sale – rape, sunflower
– Consumption: sale – potatoes, washed potatoes, milk, eggs, charcoal
– Billinger Sales – wheat, barley, canola, corn, oats, rye, sunflower, compost,
Manure, wood chips
Purchase – seed, fertilizer
– Cattle Market: Sales – pig feed, beet pulp
– BEA: sale – wool, straw
– Rangers: Sale – Compost / Purchase – seedlings
– Grain trade: sale – wheat, barley, canola, corn, oats, rye, sunflower
Purchase – seed, fertilizer
– Potato dealer sales – potatoes
– Snack Sales – washed potatoes, charcoal

Installed in addition to these buildings: cattle – pig and broiler, Beetmaster, Holzscheitel- and charcoal factory. In addition, the Damage & Repair Mod is installed – in the yard can your minor repairs on the ramp handle, for greater things is the dealer workshop.

AKA_Boroda, Andy1978, Bluebaby210, blubber73, borutcebulj, BW-Modding, Claas Evolution, dimre, Dutch, Farmer_Andy, ferbman98, flo1997, Fsmodding, Funky, Gold Fox, Harrybo, heli007, Ingo210578, jerrico, Kolbenfresser, Lars, LS-Pitstop, Luculus, Marhu, maser789, max98, mngrazy, möchtegernbauer, mor2000, msheini30, Nick98.1, Pandahma, patzer89, Polygon-A, PowerPeter008, RaptorX, Razco, RC-Devil, Rene248, Roland70, Shakari, SLJ-AGRAR, t0xic0m, taker9999, TheCrafterLP, Zatoxx, Ziberg

Auensee_entpacken.rar – 769.0 MB uploadfiles.eu/sharemods.com

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