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FS15 CoursePlay Editor:
Allows you to edit visually on the map courseplay courses, and save it to the correspondent savegame courseplay.xml file
We have been more than two years coding and developing courseplay Editor.

Initially, courseplay editor was developed by Papowk, transferred to the community for free edition and Horoman adjust it to FS13. By that time Satis starts a different programming approach and define how the program should be.
We have taken the job and made the initial editor to get the features foresaw by Satis. Thank you man.
All this time I have had in my head, editing is ok but sharing is more important, then we decide to orientate the program to develop a free space to share our creations with courseplay.
At this time, we are lucky now that Modding Central and ABC Game Server have allowed us to create the courseplay courses repository in this portal where we can promote to share courseplay courses between members. That was the dream I had. Thank you guys.

If you want to start the editor, you have to be a member of Modding Central. Then, you will be able to save as author in the repository for the download and use by other members. This program will only be installed properly if you are connected to internet, to check your modcentral credentials.

Unzip the file and run the exe file.
Say it is a confident source in case you are asked for it.
Initial start-up take some time, be patient.

Then you will receive the FS15 mod manger pro welcome screen
with a new line to connect to courseplay community

After you will be ready to register and introduce ModCentral credentials
and check for stay logged in for remembering you in future times.

Then, if everything works correct,
you will receive CoursePlay Editor Welcome screen

We have also open for you a Logged Modcentral session
where share your creations and download from others.

Select a map save game from the list.

The map has to be in zip format in the mod folder
or profile selected for FS15.

Otherwise, you will receive a message “Map Zip File not found”
And start edits in your map
Do not forget to save your changes before closing or you will lost them

Some tips and tricks you must know:
When modifying courses, display only a few courses to have clear view in selection process.
Take in account the distortion of the map picture in nonstandard maps. Courses appears displaced from roads
Create cross WP and after saving, use the ingame courseplay to merge different courses and then add, edit and delete excess WP back in the CPEditor
If you add WP with the fill tool, set the speed correctly before filling. You get that speed in all WP
Selecting other maps in savegame selector can produce crashes of the program (Only Steam). Just restart it.
Some maps cannot be edited. (PDA and Dem are not found)
There is no step back in actions. Save regularly your editions.
The maximum zoom is set to maximum of 300, more zoom makes flicking the image when editing
The course folder data is read only; you have to modify manually with your xml editor.
You can add manually courses or pieces of them manually in the xml and the visually edit the results.
Avoid the use of the recalculation angles function. We couldn’t test properly and some review could be needed.

Have fun and rate positively if you think is a good help for FS15 Community

Courseplay Editor FS15 Funcionality :
Author: Alfredo Prieto-PromGames
Programming: Daniel Ruiz-Madbros
Idea / Concept in FS15: Satis
initial conversión to FS13: Horoman
ModManagerPro Funcionality
Author: Markus Busche FJ-elpatron
Savegame editor Functionality:
Author: by Clod

CoursplayEditor- – 40.9 MB uploadfiles.eu/sharemods.com

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