FS2015 Folk Hill v1.6 MF Map

Farming Simulator 2015




Version 1.6 Multifrucht
BGA silos fixed, Should be Completely empty now. Mast system update to V5.0 (use Now with trousers animation When Wassersilo, please Linked down trailer, the mast installations are marks there the juveniles can be unloaded.) Cattle Market Update to V2.0 pig feed production incl. Stock added. (Can be fed as a mixed feed for pigs and cattle fattening. Selling the cattle market and the Court BGA) Balemaster on the court added. Sawmill equipped with pallet collector. Available for beet pulp added. Seed stock farm changed: Only usable as storage, buying function removed. (Seed, lime and fertilizer can be purchased at the DS-factory or at hardware stores) swapped stations: Hoftankstelle must be back-filled, diesel can be purchased from the car dealer. (Use to transport the bottom Linked Kotte Universal Pack) straw purchase in the mast equipment Replaced: Outside the elevator can only be sold in the barn bales only loose straw! (Operation of the elevator is at the left side from the lift in the marking.) Straw powerplant added at the station, here bales and loose straw can be sold. Various scripts updated. Trees fixed. Pothole away on the road between BGA and wood buying. Mähmission “Baseball Field”: The lawn area is located to the left of Nordzucker. Various parked cars away. Various optimizations made ​​to the map.

RC-Devil: fertilizer factory / warehouse, compost texture
Marhu: Watermod, milk trigger. Mapsiloband, Pruning, Woolpalettcollector
cattle market sawmill
Marhu u Mannie313:. pole plants GMK Mod
Marhu Funky: Beet cutter
Marhu, white: Seed2Fix
Andy1978 and Marhu: Seedmaster
Farmer_Andy: composting plant, manure storage, beet Schnitzler, broiler
pig feed production, Balemaster
upsidedown: Multifruid Mod, Unkrautmod
Zatoxx: Slurry sale
1LS12: shelter
Mariodiek: Conveyor wood chips, Warehouse
webalizer_ls: ChoppedStraw
Lars: Regal
ZeFir_POLAND: soil texture
Eribus: Forgotten Plants Landscape Texture V1.0, fruit textures
Leos50: Conveyors
Blacky_BPG, Nils23, white, lappyBauer, dtmaster: Digital Display
Blacky_BPG: Gas Station Trigger
bgo1973: Clover Luzerne
Eisbearg: skeleton eggs
Inerti: DustMod
Gene Borg: textures: slurry manure lime – sunflower, clover alfalfa
EL Cid: sugar factory
Joerg_B: Great Hall
Typhoon: BGA for small businesses
San_Andreas: DIY
Locke_SB: straw purchase
BigM, Bluebaby210, rafftnix: straw power plant
Should I forget anyone have necessarily an info to me !!


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