FS2015 JD 9630 SELECTABLE V5.1

Farming Simulator 2015


This is a personal conversion and edit of the JD 9630 scaled down to be more realistic and comparable to other ingame tractors.
I have added selectable wheels (singles to terra on key 4 and singles to row crop duals on key 5) and buyable front saddle tanks, Demco saddle tanks, duals and triple wheels. Key 4 toggles between single wheels (default) and terra wheels. Key 5 toggles between single wheels and row crop duals which should be used with the Demco saddle tanks. Be sure to have singles on when buying duals or trips. Key M adds/removes buyable wheels. Buyable saddle tanks (under “sprayers” category) are attachable to the front and use the “telehandler” joint. Two different tanks are available: one only adds extra fertilizer capacity and the other functions as a sprayer optimized for the 22m JD 1890 seeder. The customized Demco tanks use a “attachableFrontLoader” joint and are also available under “sprayers” category. Also, I Americanized it by removing all the Euro signage. Working mirrors, lights and fully washable. Pulls like any default tractor. Fixed miscolored stripe on back of cab (thx killerrf for the know-how). Everything works per my testing but please leave any issues and I will try to fix.
Version 5.1 –adjusted mass of tractor and wheels
–added buyable/attachable Demco tanks customized to fit
–added selectable row crop duals for use with included Demco tanks
–optimized handling to prevent tipping/sliding
Version 5.0 –changed wheels to mix of selectable and buyable
–did away with row crop wheels in favor of spacer duals and trips
–tinted windows
–made saddle tanks buyable
–possible other small tweaks I’m too old to remember
Version 4.0 –added selectable saddle tanks and optimized spray area for 22m JD 1890 seeder
Version 3.0 –fixed handling/stability issue (thanks to killerrf)–no longer tips on turns
Version 2.0 –added “tank” and sprayer ability to help 1890 seeder play nicer with Courseplay
–adjusted mass of tires and added frictionScale to provide better handling
Version 1.1 –adjusted mirrors for the JD 1890 seeder
Place the JD_9630_Selectable.zip file in the “C:Documents and Settings[user]DocumentsMy GamesFarmingSimulator2015mods” folder

Original 2013 mod by r0y4ax + speedy77 + Red Fox Modding Crew
Original Selectable Script: speedy77 from NH T9560 for FS 15 mod
Wheels: Rafazr
Demco Tanks: John Deere Modding (Model) & Lindbejb (Lindbejb Modding)
FS 15 conversion and edit by cjwilksy

JD_9630_Selectable.zip – 51.7 MB uploadfiles.eu/sharemods.com

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