FS2015 JOHN DEERE 131 & JOHN DEERE 388 V1.0



John Deere 131
The 10-foot 2-inch rotary cutterbar can be teamed with a side-pull, center-pivot, or twin rear-mounted mower-conditioner to increase efficiency and productivity.
Working width: 3.3 m
Recommended output: 70 HP
Price: 11 800 €Daily upkeep: 14 €

John Deere 388
388 Rear-Mount Mower-Conditioner is designed to cut and condition hay in tough field conditions such as wet, tangled hay, and fields with gopher mounds or anthills.
Working width: 8.8 m
Recommended output: 140 HP
Price: 42 400 €
Daily upkeep: 34 €

Model: Giants
Texture: AiggaCZE
Script: Giants
Idea / Concept: Giants
Testing: AiggaCZE
Other: AiggaCZE

AM_JohnDeere_131_388_Pack.zip – 8.6 MB uploadfiles.eu/sharemods.com

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