FS2015 KUHN SPV 120K V1.0


Here I have taken from me the KuhnSPVConfort12 and the load volume on (yes unrealistic but who it bothers needs is the mod not invite) 120k increased because it has always annoyed me personally that I had so many cucumbers in my 200K├╝hen with the little thing around until the feed trough full.
To all who now believe that is surely every selbermachen in 5 minutes:
No, there can be long, not everyone, because not everyone knows so well, for myself, it is also my first MOD and I for 1 hour hand until the mod ├╝berhauhpt times gefunzt and then again an hour until the log was error-free.


KuhnSPV_120K.zip – 7.6 MB uploadfiles.eu/sharemods.com

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