This is not the first tool for managing Farming Simulator Mods. And probably
not the last. But maybe this tool is a little bit smarter than others.

Added Russian langauge (by Vasiliy)
Remind player to activate / plug in game controller (see File – Settings)

What is it good for?
FS15-ModmanagerPro lets you organize your mod files in profiles. In each
profile you can activate/deactivate each single mod. There are other tools
which do the same. We just do it in a smarter way.
Why should you use FS15-ModmanagerPro?
Your mod files are being saved just once on your harddrive – independently of
the number of profiles. Other mod management tools copy each mod into a
directory for each profile. FS15-ModmanagerPro uses a feature of modern
filesystems like NTFS called symbolic links. Each (mod)file is strored only
once on your harddisk and is linked to your profile directories. Thus, a lot of
disk space can be saved. And you gain full control over your mods and versions
of mods files for all your profiles.

* There is no limit in the number of profiles and mods.
* You only have to take care of one single mod archive.
* FS15-ModmanagerPro is ultra fast. Creating hundrets of symbolic links lasts only a few milliseconds!
* If you downloaded an update for a mod: Just replace the file in your mod repository. That´s it.
* Clear overview over your mods and profiles.
* Mod settings in the form of XML files are symlinked to your profiles. Just create them once!
* Detailed information about any mod including images.
* FS15-ModmanagerPro is OpenSource Software, you can freely distribute or change it.
* FS15-ModmanagerPro is designed multilingual (English, Spanish and German implemented)

v1.0.0.9 (15.5.2016)
Added Russian langauge (by Vasiliy)
Remind player to activate / plug in game controller (see File – Settings)

* Added search mod function (Crtl-F, F3)
* Rearranged menu structure
* Changed hotkey for “Start FS” to F5
* Fixed error with broken zip files (Issue #44)
* Display total/activated mods per profile (Issue #47)
* Check if game is running before saving changes or deleting a mod
* Fixed an issue with illegal characters in profile (path) names
* Fixed a problem with partly not displaying german translation strings

* Symlinking of unpacked mod directories
* Delete mod file
* Activate a mod in all profiles
* Clone profile
* New keyboard shortcut: F2: Rename profile
* New Keyboard shortcut Crtl-R: Reload mods and profiles

elpatron (Markus Busche)
PromGames (Spanish Translation)
Vasily (Russion Translation

FS15-ModmanagerPro- – 46.8 MB uploadfiles.eu/sharemods.com

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