Hello, I present to you to entice the sixth and probably last version. Map has changed beyond recognition 🙂 I added more fields than it was in v4 or v5, changed 2 farm now focused on cultures finishers. The main farmhouse was extensively edit, the area increased by about 10 ha of arable land. I added a PDA, changed the windows loading maps. It’s probably enough 🙂

What map has:
► manure, lime, manure v2
► traffic, a small village shop and “Agroma”
► pulled out manure, modern farm
► cows, chickens, pigs
► map the secondary devices, for optimization too much because I did not map itself is average / weaker computers

Zefir, mati4895, D1zZyY

Nieciekawa_v6.zip – 267.2 MB uploadfiles.eu/sharemods.com

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