Farming Simulator 2015




NEW – Mountain tunnel of 231 m length with traffic-access scheme as short and fast connection between the cattle / pig farms and the organic feed factory.
NEW – Fermenting Silo southeast created for the rapid production of silage next to the 38th
NEW – CompostMaster2k16 installed in place of the old CompostMaster.
NEW – CompostFillingPlant installed for filling compost in wooden boxes.
NEW – range header for the compost wooden boxes installed.
NEW – Barriers at CompostMaster2k16 and pallet collectors installed.
NEW -. Conveyor belt including tarpaulin for filling compost on CompostMaster2k16 installed.
NEW – New and darker Fillplane for compost incorporated.
* Bugfixes: Prices for liquid manure, dung, grass and straw decreased with time to EUR 0, this has now been fixed.
* Bugfixes: Once again fixed a slightly floating tree at the horse breeding.
NEW – CompostMaster2k16 = Diesel consumption was updated to the version of CompostMaster2k16 v1.1.
NEW – CompostMaster2k16 = dual display – In addition to the external display, the data are now available at the switchboard cabinet shown (for new display created, similar to the SeedMaster).
NEW – CompostMaster2k16 = conveyor expanded (Fix) and it installed a new bottling plant. The removal of the bucket of compost option was retained.
NEW – CompostMaster2k16 = drain grating inserted in the compost bin.
NEW – time interval of all objects passing over the FarbiktScript, reduced to one minute.
* Bugfixes: Missing icons when displaying the CompostFillingPlant fixed.
* Bugifixes: CompostMaster2k16 = Supernatant ComnpostMaster logo fixed on the back.
NEW – Damage Andre Pairs installed.
NEW – Hard Point Extension installed.
NEW – cattle watering with hose connection and sparging installed.
NEW – Large workshop for Damage & Repair and HardPonitExtention installed at car dealers.
NEW – lifts with function as a small workshop for Damage & Repair in the yard, the shipping company and he built gas station in the village.
NEW – lift in the workshop equipped with function (Animation of LS13 to LS15 converted).
NEW – Map PDA recreated.
* Bugfixes: Water Animation fixed in Biofutterfabrik.
* Sonsiges: Some small bugs fixed and various small improvements.

Mapumbau und teilweißer Skriptanpassung: Pandahma
Schweinemast: Marhu, Mannie313
WoolPaletteCollector: Marhu
SeedMaster2k16: Marhu, Framer_Andy (Andy1978), Weisser
Seed2Fix: Marhu, Weisser
WaterMod: Marhu
Gülle-Mist-Kalk-Mod: TMT, Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan
Gülle-Lager: Framer_Andy (Andy1978)
CompostMaster2k16: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu)
CompostFillingPlant: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu)
Förderband Holzschnitzel: Mariodiek
Förderbänder: Leos50
Bodentextur: ZeFir_POLAND
Ballenlager: Shakari
Saatgutlager: mkausen
Multifruid: upsidedown
Gründünger-Mod: upsidedown
Klee Luzerne: bgo1973
ChoppedStraw: webalizer
Kalk-Silo: RC-Devil
DisplayOverview: Blacky_BPG, HappyLooser
Milchtrigger: Marhu
Stutzen: Marhu
Mapsiloband: Marhu
Digitale Anzeige: Nils23, Blacky_BPG, lappyBauer, dtmaster
Metzgerei: Pandahma, (Urmodder – möchtegernbauer)
Gülle-Mist-Ankauf: Zatoxx
EDEKA: Giants, Mark44
Pferdehof: Aerocool, GE-Mapping, SG-1
Forgotten Plants Landscape Texturen: Eribus
Hühnermast: Framer_Andy (Andy1978)
Stallgebäude Pferdehof: Rene248
Rübenschneider: Marhu / Funky
Unkrautmod (MultiSprayer Herbizid Mod): upsidedown
AmpelMod: Bluebaby210 (bassaddict, modelleicher)
Straßenschilder: Nick98.1
Ölmühle: SBorg
Remove Daytime Haze: Inerti
Kompost + 4 Dünger Mod inkl. Handel & Silo V 1.2: RC-Devil
Rübenschnitzler: Farmer_Andy, (Marhu, Holaras BB2500H)
Schafstall u. Wolle-Unterstand: power74de
EierGitterBox: Eisbearg
Multifrucht Schneidwerke: ls-nachrichten.de
SoilMod: Decker_MMIV
Sägewerk v1.1.0b: Marhu
Baumarktv1.1: San_Andreas
Gewächshaus: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu)
BaleMaster: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu)
beetMaster100KN: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu)
Schreinerei: t0xic0m
ViehMarkt: Marhu
Schweinemast 4.0: Marhu
BiofuelRaffinerie: thoralf2002
Waschanlage: 112TEC
Neue Texturen SoilMod: Geneborg
Brauerei: thoralf2002
Kartoffelwaschanlage: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu)
Kartoffel-Dämpfer: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu)
Forage-Master: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu)
Paletten-Sammler: Marhu
Ballenlift: Locke_SB
eggLayingStation: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu, Umbau: Pandahma)
MilkMax: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu, Umbau: Pandahma)
Gänsemast: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu, Umbau: Pandahma)
MixFeeder: Bluebaby210 (manni_112, softfox, BigM, Xentro, Timber 131, kleine Umbauarbeiten: Pandahma)
Hasenzucht: RC-Devil (Kleine Umbauarbeiten und Bugs beseitigt: Pandahma)
ViehMarkt Hasen: Pandahma (Urmodder – Marhu)
Zooladen: Pandahma, (Urmodder – möchtegernbauer)
Biofutter-Fabrik: RC-Devil (Kleine Umbauarbeiten und Bugs beseitigt: Pandahma)
Map Buyable Object: Bluebaby210
Gerüstbausatz v 2.0: PowerPeter008
Liebherr 81K Faltkran Baustellenkran v1: freak36558
JCB Vibromax v 1.0: fin050808
Gestüt: möchtegernbauer
Pferde animiert: FSM-Team
Hoftankstelle / GasStationTrigger Blacky_BPG, BSH, tobiasgo
Feueranimation: 112TEC
Biogasanlage V1 Beta: Manuel
Holzverarbeitung: kevink98, (Scripte: Marhu, kleine Umbauarbeiten und Bugs beseitigt: Pandahma)
Absperrungen: PowerPeter008
Bergtunnel: Domino90 (Urmodder), Pandahma (Änderung der Plane)
Zufahrtregelung: Marhu
Ampeln Zufahrtregelung: Chefkoch
DamageAndRepairs: LS11 – rafftnix , LS13 – Blacky_BPG , LS15 – Marhu
HardpointExtension: Xentro
Werkstatthalle Baukasten: LS13 – Livestyler, LS15 – Pandahma
Hebebühne klein: LS13 – Juanathan, LS15 – Pandahma
Viehtränken: Spieler11, modifiziert: Pandahma

Norgeholm_2016_v.1.7_MH_Entpacken.7z – 796.7 MB uploadfiles.eu/sharemods.com

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