The way it works in multiplayer as well. (Multiplayer Multiplayer =)
– Mode in scale 1: 1st
Well hello! In comparison with the first crop we changed a few things.
A little too quickly able to share Christmas we received a lot of criticism for her too.
We hope that the second version has more megelégedettebb feedback vazbu.v1.1:
– The table is now clear log.
– Adapted model space, removing hangs in the air.
– The suspension points reset to factory machines.
– New feature from the table to letalpalást. Consequently, it can be stacked as described facts. It is therefore recommended to be carried out when the machine laying odtok.Vzhledem that machines are usually different from Modolo, so in this case, the player on the left alignment. (I3D in attacherJoint movement was in the right place) We hope that many people have managed to get better and more useful way to create … Enjoy the game you want SMT team!

SMT team

OrosCornadoPack.rar – 64.6 MB uploadfiles.eu/sharemods.com

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