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You are searching a map which will cast a spell over you? Then you are right.

Here you will find the improvements / changes to our Stapp Bach V2 relative to the V1.
Numerous other (unlisted) things got done. But that would go beyond the thread.


Stable interior completely remodeled, floor plate, feed fences, feed trough etc. renewed so that the cows without problems or freeze stable move can
Rear side parts partially removed, so that the cows are no longer in “traffic jam”
NavMesh adjusted accordingly
Feed trough (pasture) is adapted now to the right of the barn instead of the feed Reuse in pasture
Water tank adapted (cows now freeze no longer a)
In general, the Animal Places adapted thus no longer available in the trough the cows
adapted feeding, it is now possible to feed the mixer feeders / Wagon although the MixFeeder bought!
BGASilos Heady inserted (incl. New silo walls of Alex, thank you at this point)
Shelter replaced by a closable Hall
adapted dunghill Filltrigger (UPK) is installed in the Plane
Stock adjusted (Oat, Rye, Sunflower) were removed, because you are storable in FarmSiloSystem and (straw, grass, wood chips) were built
Ball Stack now with straw sales (loose and bales) would possibly be to consider here whether one vs. reduced the price at court. sales outlets -> Melle?
General supplements the decoration, because it was not made for V1
Manual milk sales inserted (right on the stable) outlet in Unterharnsbach inserted (inclined yoy. BGA is signposted)

Arable farm (ehem. Cattle fattening 1)

The complete Rindermasthof 1 has been removed
Complete rebuilding of a farming operation
Anfangsfüllstände are now on this farm in the grain warehouses, loading with wheel loaders or conveyor belt possible (Thanks to Alex for the converted warehouses)
Manure store with sale inserted (principle: Surrounding farmers sell their manure to the farmers, so that could fertilize his fields with manure)
Manure storage with sales inserted (principle as the slurry storage)
inserted straw and grass stock
Large ball bearing of Steffen
inserted Libra
added 2 purchasable ramps

Cattle masts 1-3

Grain swamps for cattle masts have now received an animated Plane
The potato crates for cattle masts have just received an animated Plane
BGASilos inserted Heady
Manure storage completely revised, tilt and recharge should now be possible from all sides
Cesspit (round basin) exchanged (thus only 1 model is available on the map, were 3 times)
revised General deco and supplemented, patched flaw
StationNr. adjusted accordingly

Village Houses (pigsties)

Animated Plane in fan inserted (when the stables are filled raises and lowers a tarp in the fan)
Animated Erdfruchtplane (Heap installed rises and falls)
Small silos (which did not work at) by Headys BGASilos replaced (Scales) so that it fits into a small courtyard
Cereal swamps are now provided with the AnimationMapTrigger and not open automatically (Thanks to Niggels)
revised and supplemented General Decorations
Manurepit inserted (new cesspit from Holzhausen) (Thanks to Niggels)

Wir danken allen am Bau beteiligten Personen! Vor allem dem ganzen Agrarteam Franken, welches über Monate hinweg beim Fehlersuchen, Vorbereitungen, Ideen und Texturarbeiten, sowie allen sonstigen anfallenden Arbeiten geholfen hat.
Insbesondere geht unser Dank an Luan von TSL-Modding für den Umbau der Ställe und sonstigen Scriptarbeiten. Ein weiterer Dank geht an Marhu, der uns bei Fragen jederzeit zur Verfügung stand.
An alle Erbauer der verbauten Objekte!
Ein weiteres riesiges DANKESCHÖN ergeht an folgende Modder, die mit ihrem Einsatz den Landwirtschafts-Simulator ungemein bereichern und deren Objekte wir verbauen durften:

“AGI” (Maibaum)
“Basti” (kl. Körnergebläse, Mauern)
“Blacky_BPG, Oekobauer” (GasStationExtended)
“blubber73” (Deckoschilder Wald)
“Bluebaby210” (BuyableObjects, MixFeeder)
“CebuljCek” (Altes Hofgebäude)
“Edel_van_B” (Höhenmodell)
“EIFOK” (Landhandel)
“El_Cid” (Div. Gebäude, Foliages, Hofgebäude, Kapelle)
“El_Cid, Marhu” (Sägewerk)
“Farmer_Andy” (CompostMaster, Güllebomber)
“Fatian, Niggels” (Straßenpaket)
“Foxx” (Getreidesumpf)
“FS-UK” (SoilManagement)
“GIANTS” (Div. Objekte, Grundfunktionen)
“Katsuo” (Schweinestall, Fachwerkscheune)
“Marhu” (DamageMod, FabrikScript, FarmSiloSystem, GMK Mod, Schweinezucht, Viehmarkt, WaterMod)
“martinbigM500” (BGA & Gülleanlage)
“Matti” (Güllebecken)
“Mobbingpapst” (Feldrandgras)
“mor2000” (UPK)
“Mythic” (Halle Händler/Metzgerei)
“Nick98.1” (Schilderset)
“Niggels” (Hochstand)
“NKB Modding” (Agravis Silos)
“Stefan Maurus” (Brücken)
“stefan_ls” (Grabsteine, Mistplane)
“Steffen30muc” (Div. Hallen, Traunsteiner Silos)
“upsidedown” (Multifruit)
“VertexDezign” (AnimationMapTrigger, HardPointExtension)
“vnsfdg1” (Großes Farmsilo, gr. Körnergebläse)
“webalizer_ls” (ChoppedStraw)
“wellano920” (Sportplatz)

StappenbachV2_GMK.zip – 463.6 MB uploadfiles.eu/sharemods.com

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