Guide in English, German and
Guide in English, German and Hungarian languages!
Überblick in Englisch, Deutsch und Ungarisch!
Ismertető angol, német és magyar nyelven!
The Po River_by Vaszics
Dear players!
The show and the Italian Po River.
Alloy the reality and the imagination. The pleasant and enjoyable game, I suggest you to read this guide. Here are detailed in the show.
I hope my work will bring a lot of joy with the players.
The show 4 x.
The initial game basic machines. Of the ZIP files you need to copy the MOD subdirectory.
If you want to play the basic machines not, there is another solution. To do this, however, should be used for the map, proposed a separate package in ZIP files. This package contains, I have suggested and tested machines, tools, utilities.
In both versions, the 1-2-3-4 field 1 Euro, and the rest have to buy at a higher price.
1 field is grass. From here you can ensure the grass.
The plants need fruit orchard gardens can be placed in the filler neck, receiving stations, pour something on it. This can be cleaned up the delivery time.
The plants and the shops are marked A and W prefix ( for example, A02 proceedings-Farmshop) on the map, and information areas.
This is the significance of having a full picture of what fruits are necessary to that object, and stores what you can sell.
The attached tables show this graphically.
The farming, the amount of crops prices depend on the transport distance and approach points you can gain.
The game will be a lot to explore. The water surface is permeable, so water can also be used during the tour.
The traffic I suggest you turn it on, because it’s more fun.


The_River_Po_by_Vaszics.zip – 845.9 MB uploadfiles.eu/sharemods.com

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