Farming Simulator 2015




Version 2.0 Multifruit
New roads postponed (spline street constructor) and various other small items.

After some time I spent with games and a few maps (Bjorn Holm, Norge Holm, Südhemmern) had the idea to make a map according to my wishes. Mainly the Map should be realistic and be equipped with more than the standard fruits. After 1.5 months the time has come, that can begin beta testing. Since it is my first map created, some blemishes are happening (streets too narrow and the like) which is afterwards no longer be corrected.
As a basis I decided three areas on the shortlist and me for Vierherrenborn. The village is located south-west of Trier at the foothills of the High Forest. It consists of scattered farmsteads, but the neighboring village Baldringen has the typical village structure. There is also the entrance to the community decays.

Multifruit with spelled, oats, rye, triticale, sunflower and Sudan grass; this rather decorative mähbares grass, clover and alfalfa also catch crops
Dekolayer: nettle, monkshood, fragrant orchid, dry grass, reeds and bushes
Cattle and Pigs
Composting, beets Schneider
41 realistic fields
3 large hay meadows
Missions and gold coins
Open spaces for placeable objects, so everyone can as he likes to add more production.
32 Bodenwinkel
GMK is installed
Slurry manure sale at garden center
Basically should funkionieren everything. Various decorative elements to be included in later versions.

The original helpers will prepare you no joy. With courseplay can but work very well; The optimum can be achieved but only themselves. Perhaps there is also a small multiplayer team that rises to the challenge.
The broiler there intentionally. The many sales outlets are fictitious, up to Raiffeisen, which has actually Vierherrenborn a temporary unloading. So the Hochwald dairy Thalfang moved to Zerf. There, the milk itself may be sold. The Hochwald train had to be re-activated to allow the stations to look useful. The agricultural machinery dealer is also moved because the original site in Saarburg was no longer sufficient. etc. etc.
There have accumulated so far about 50 filltypes. The limit of 64 is reached quickly if, for example, the fruits and berries Mod is used. I therefore advise the Mod 64er-fix in the folder to have.
If all subsequent mods are available, the map will run until an error log error free. I have a single error can not fix, but has absolutely no effect, neither game technically nor optically and performance problems are therefore not expected.
There is a beta version and you are allowed to test it. In particular, it can lead to problems in the field working since the establishment of the field dimensions was somewhat more complicated. So far I have tested a random sample, but will participate in the test run itself.

Besonderen Dank an GMCW für die Freigabe verschiender Elemente aus der Südhemmern Map. Sudangras entnommen aus der Frankenland Map Danke an Marhu für die technischen Geräte und den Wassermod nicht zu vergessen: Geneborg für die gesamten Texturen der Zusatzfrüchte (ausgenommen Sudangras) Vielen Dank auch an das Team und die User des Giants Forums! Viele meiner Fragen habe ich per Suche gefunden, aber ab und an war es knifflig aber die Antworten dazu waren immer hilfreich!

Vierherrenborn.zip – 475.1 MB uploadfiles.eu/sharemods.com

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