– Official release

What does this mod do?
It basically causes the physical wheels of vehicles/equipment to reduce or even destroy crops, depending on the growth-stage of those crops.

Only when crops have grown at least two stages (i.e. to 2nd visible stage), they will be affected when driven over.
Grass, alfalfa (luzerne) and clover (klee) will be “cutted”, i.e. their growth-stage reduced instead of destroyed.

This mod is also optimized with regards to network-latency, as it has none. The effect is all done ‘client-side’, which could in unusual situations cause the clients view of the game-world, to look a little bit different than from how the server originally “sees” it. If this is (even possible to be) noticed, then exit and rejoin the server.

Script: Decker_MMIV

WheelLanes.zip – 32 KB uploadfiles.eu/sharemods.com

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