UPDATE: 10/25/2015 0.01Uhr v12.10 Beta

Contents (Please read first!):
1: Preface
2: Pack content
3: Specification
4: Features & Keyboard Layouts
5: WIP thread and Error Collection
6: Known Issues
7: For the future
8: Update History

1: Preface
The Beast Pack project has been around for 4 years, steadily, the Pack has developed and improved. It is equally proceed.

So up to this point first thanks to all of you who helped with the feedback and to the people to realize the project.

2: Pack content 8 Mods
Krone BigX 1100 Beast
Krone BigX 1100 Beast GEARBOX Version
Krone ÜLW dolly Cargp3 Achs prototype
Krone EasyFlow pick-up
Krone Easy Collect Maisgebiss
Krone XDisc cutting for Grass and Grain
Krone Header Trailer

MAN TGS 18.540 8×8
MAN TGS 18.540 8×8 GEARBOX Version
– Amazone fertilizer spreaders
– Bergmann Häckselwagen
– Strautmann Manure spreader
– Fliegl TMK bulk structure
– Fliegl STF Güllefaß
– Zunhammer Zundisc Güllegrubber
– About Grimme loaders beets, potatoes
– Güstrower About loaders Grain
– Hawe Wechselbrücke
– Fliegl animal transport
– Kotte tank

3: Specification Size 239MB

4: Features & Keyboard Layouts

! Please pay attention on the right device for you if what you want to on / switch, the HUD note in the upper left corner and the it!

(Be BigX must be selected) IC control button R-CTRL
(Be BigX must be selected) Twin wheels button KEY_KP8
(Be BigX must be selected) chains Trac Soucy key KEY_KP7

Heckgewicht Show (be BigX must be selected) button KEY_J
Heckgewicht hide (his BigX must be selected) button KEY_K
Pipe show (must be BigX selected) button O
(Be BigX must be selected) silage tank in / out without function key L

(Dolly Cargo must be selected) to open and close button M Dolly Bunker
Dolly Bunker rotate (Dolly Cargo must be selected) button X
(Be selected Dolly Cargo must) Dolly Bunker ÜLW trailer lift axle button KEY_v
ATTENTION Dolly can be folded only empty !!!

MAN TGS agricultural Attacher coupling high (one must be selected) button KEY_5
MAN TGS agricultural Attacher clutch down (one must be selected) button KEY_6

MAN Bergmann Trailer prop left high (Bergmann must be selected) button KEY_n
MAN Bergmann Trailer prop left down (Bergmann must be selected) button KEY_j
MAN Bergmann Trailer restraint right up (Bergmann must be selected) button KEY_m
MAN Bergmann trailer support right down (Bergmann must be selected) button KEY_L
CAUTION Operation of the supports on the outside of the switches (see picture)

5: WIP thread and errors collection
Here you can find all information about the project
And here please post all defects and faults

6: Known Issues
Recommended overloaded with cargo dolly only in the state, unfortunately, currently goes only filling or overloaded. During the journey, otherwise what the BigX reaps not miterechnet and missing.
Replace Particlesystem Dolly
Warnings fix

7: For The Future
Pack clean up continues
Create LowAttacher Zugmaul
Adjust driving performance
Lighting 3.1 obstruct again
Indoor lighting further expand display
Revise cutting transport protection model
Revise Particle systems BigX Pipe and Cargo
About charging cargo while driving permit without losses
MAN Bergmann transport flaps
What you have as a / notice

v12.0 April 2015
Upside Down, xyzspain, JokobT, Johnny1980, Repi, Kyosho, Rafftnix, Biedens, Bull Gore

————————————————– ——————
v11.1 April 2014
by Bull Gore, Kubo, JoakobT
– Adapted scheme
Adapted Attacher for SWW –
– Adapted Attacher Easyflow
-. Optical Fixed (Visible joint)
Fixed bug when “reset” –
– Adapted corn feeder PS EasyCollect
– Dolly revised ÜLW scripts
– Dolly adapted ÜLW weight charge
– Dolly ÜLW can only be folded empty
– Driving behavior BigX completely revised, engine, brakes, suspension, focusing, steering, etc.

————————————————– ——————

v11.0 June 2013 / April 2014
by Bull Gore, Eribus, Biedens, Upside Down, Kubo
– Patch 2.1 RDY Giants
– Fixed sound bug
– Aiautocombine.lua dolly revised for Autocombine
– Washable, takes 5 hours
– Odometer disabled, there are Global see MIG Map Pack
Created Dirt textures –
– Fixed sound bug
– Weight set correctly, flying through the air is now fixed
– RDY XDisc clover and lucerne
– Adjusted sound volume
– Wheel disabled
– Fixed error l10n
– Chains not suspended
– I3D’s and XML cleaned, renamed etc
– Revised data Store
Fixed problems when reversing –
– Mouse Control BigX initially disabled
– Easy Flow Scriptfix

————————————————– ——————
V10 February 2013 / April 2013
– New BigxX 1100 integrated by Johni6530
– Scripts installed odometer, throttle limiter, Indoor Sound etc.
– Revised scripts
– Adjusted drivability new
– Chains BigX installed
– Built twin wheels
– XML ​​Tuning
Asked texture of BigX little darker –
– …

————————————————– ——————

Krone Easy Flow 380 installed in March 2013

Model: Pill ?!
AO / texture: Pill ?!
Scripts: milan1702976 (
Particle System: Eifok team
Tuning / Performance: Lordtex / Milan (
Tester: Ostsee75, Lindemann, Bull Gore, pill, Illuminated, FSM-chef!
HomePage: http: //www.modding-kü

————————————————– ——————

Asked Indoorcam deeper
STX installed to fade
Increased weight

Steering wheel lock
Throttle limiter
Hektarzähler installed

Reduced steering speed
Set acceleration
Adapted handling
Weight set as in LS11 wg. Ülw
Sounds reworked
Installed Power adhesive
Power detention extended ÜLW cable
Camera radius increases
Adapted HUD’s
Krone_Beastpack__MAN_TGS18540Pack_by_Bullgore_v12.10_24.10.2015.rar – 233.1 MB

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