Farming Simulator 2015




Changelog version 4.0 (it must necessarily making the score be started – Log is error-free)

NEW – Forage factory including a new storage silo fitted below the construction market..
NEW – The map is prepared and tested for the new MultiOverlayHud_v2.
NEW – food allocations of fattening farms almost completely redesigned.
* – Ready for Patch 1.4.1 LS15

Explanation Forage Factory:
The new organic feed factory produces for fattening farms, the new Biofuttersorten rabbit pellets, fattening, geese forage, rapeseed cake and chicken feed. The Biofuttersorten are not only fed, but also sold to the respective companies.
On the premises of organic feed factory located for storage of organic feed an additional large silo storage.

Explanation MultiOverlayHud_v2:
The map pack are already attached to the configuration files for the coming new MultiOverlayHud_v2.
ATTENTION! The following changes, please only perform when the MultiOverlayHud_v2 is online and downloaded it and you’ve copied to the mod folder.
1) Delete the old multiOverlaySettings.xml version 1.5 from the My Games \ FarmingSimulator2015 folder.
2) The new MultiOverlayHud_v2-Mod (when available copy MH) in the mod folder.
Copy 3) That the enclosed Map directory moV2Hud_Settings in the My Games \ FarmingSimulator2015 folder.

Please note! The XML files in the folder moV2Hud_Settings are configured specifically for the Norge Holm and do not work or only flawed in other maps. If you play multiple maps, I need you back up the XML files and adjust again for each map. For instructions for this, there will be Happy Looser in Modbeschreibung at MH.

Explanation of new fodder assignments:
So that you may quickly find cope with the new food allocations, the map pack is the new manual-fattening farms Futterzuordnungen.pdf.

These mods, which are not included with the map pack, are required for the proper operation of the Norge Holm!

Mapumbau and some white script adaptation: Pandahma
pig: Marhu, Mannie313
WoolPaletteCollector: Marhu
SeedMaster2k15: Marhu, Framer_Andy (Andy1978), Weisser
Seed2Fix: Marhu, Weisser
WaterMod: Marhu
slurry manure-lime-Mod: TMT, Marhu, -Kolbenfresser- , Hatzfan
manure Stock: Framer_Andy (Andy1978)
composting plant: Framer_Andy (Andy1978)
conveyor woodchips: Mariodiek
conveyors: Leos50
soil texture: ZeFir_POLAND
ball bearings: Shakari
seed stock: mkausen
Multifruid: upsidedown
green manure-Mod: upsidedown
clover alfalfa: bgo1973
ChoppedStraw: webalizer
lime silo : RC-Devil
Display Overview: Blacky_BPG, Happy Looser
milk Trigger: Marhu
stub: Marhu
Mapsiloband: Marhu
Digital display: Nils23, Blacky_BPG, lappyBauer, dtmaster
butchery: Pandahma, (Urmodder – would like Bauer)
Slurry Dung Purchase: Zatoxx
EDEKA: Giants, Mark44
horse : Aerocool, GE mapping, SG-1
Forgotten Plants Landscape textures: Eribus
broiler: Framer_Andy (Andy1978)
stables horse: Rene248
beet Schneider: Marhu / Funky
Unkrautmod (Multi Sprayer herbicide Mod): upsidedown
AmpelMod: Bluebaby210 (bassaddict, Model Eicher) [written release exists]
street signs: Nick98.1
oil mill: SBorg
Remove Daytime Haze: Inerti
compost + 4 fertilizer Mod including trade & Silo V 1.2:. RC-Devil
beet Schnitzler: Farmer_Andy, (Marhu, Holaras BB2500H)
sheepfold u Wool shelter. power74de
EierGitterBox: Eisbearg
Multifrucht reapers:
SoilMod: Decker_MMIV
sawmill v1.1.0b: Marhu
Baumarktv1.1: San_Andreas
greenhouse: Framer_Andy, (scripts: Marhu)
Balemaster: Framer_Andy, (scripts: Marhu)
Carpenter: t0xic0m
cattle market: Marhu
pig 4.0: Marhu
BiofuelRaffinerie: thoralf2002
washer: 112TEC
New textures SoilMod: Gene Borg
Brewery: thoralf2002
potato washer: Framer_Andy, (scripts: Marhu)
Potato damper: Framer_Andy, (scripts: Marhu)
Forage master: Framer_Andy, (scripts: Marhu)
pallets -collector: Marhu
Ball Lift: Locke_SB
eggLayingStation: Framer_Andy, (scripts: Marhu, remodeling: Pandahma)
MilkMax: Framer_Andy, (scripts: Marhu, remodeling: Pandahma)
goose fattening: Framer_Andy, (scripts: Marhu, remodeling: Pandahma)
MixFeeder: Bluebaby210 ( manni_112, SoftFOX, BigM, Xentro, Timber 131, small renovations: Pandahma)
rabbit breeding: RC-Devil (Small renovations: Pandahma)
cattle market hare: Pandahma (Urmodder – Marhu)
pet shop: Pandahma, (Urmodder – would like Bauer)
organic feed factory: RC -Devil (Small renovations: Pandahma)
Norgeholm_2015_v.4.0_entpacken.7z – 724.7 MB

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