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Real Life Graphic ETS 2

Description: – More bright traffic’s headlights – New normal fog 10-12pm – More realistic sky – not so red when sunsets and a less saturated in the day – The grass has more realictic color – Removed asphalt’s glow – Sunrise starts at about 4:30 am – Sunset starts at about 20:00 – Created: Cristian Photography Credits: Real Life Graphic DOWNLOAD UploadFiles.eu



Description: Changes against the previous version: No new cities! The new cities from the SCS [lexicon]patch[/lexicon] are still not included in the map. We’re working on it. Changelog from the 10.10.2014: – all reported Bugs are fixed -expansion of Hamburg, “Elbtunnel” If you want to play our map you need at least Patch 1.11.1 !!! Installation: Cancel or finish your current delivery and edit your profile. Deactive the old mods and activate the new ones. Then delete the old parts...


ETS 2 Environment details

Description: – I have redesigned some details on the road like zebra crossings, barriers, the lines on the floor, forbidden passages … – And some changes in the interface as the map, the damage trucks in GPS (F7 key), navigation arrow … – Compatible with all maps mod – Improve traffic lights and other lights – This improves the visibility of details on the road Credits: Sly DOWNLOAD ShareMods


MMG MAP ETS 2 Version V1.0

Description: MMG MAP (ETS2) New Version V1.0 You must have DLC East Tested versions: 1.12.1 I get RusMap v1.3 Models For This Map Credits: M.M.Gunawardana DOWNLOAD UploadFiles.eu


ETS 2 Poland Map Rebuilding v 1.70

Description: Poland Map Rebuilding for 1.12.1 game version Polish Cities added by SCS: – Szczecin – Wrocław – Poznań – Warszawa – Gdańsk – Białystok – Kraków – Katowice – Lublin – Łódź – Olsztyn Polish cities added Poland Rebuilding: – Bydgoszcz – Piła – Bielsko Biała – Opole – Radom – Gdynia – Suwałki – Nowogard – Świnoujście – Koszalin – Rzeszów – Przemyśl – Sanok – Krosno (add garage) – Cieszyn (New city added) Credits: _PMA, satan19990, Wilku...