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hello welcome in the valley angles V2 is a map drois shoot all of you to my imagination invented the screw that goes with. Follow me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bestsmods/?ref=hl Credits: LFV Modding La_Vall__e_Des_Angles_V2_pack_a__EXTRAIRE.zip – 500.8 MB


Map with terrain basis in reality. It propagated cows and chickens, as well as a growing standard culture fs 15. Almost every household has a straw, manure lies in the garden, it is also an appropriate place of sale. B key will open your barn. In this version has changed a great deal, most importantly I repair them all. For the future I have plans to map Senkovschina winter, as the window is almost winter. Follow me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bestsmods/?ref=hl...

Map of Belarus v3.4

Since the beginning of the Republic of Belarus had a map I did it from scratch a new city were Smolevichy-Zhodino, Borisov-Berezino 4 cities continue to screen 06/22/2013 I started to make another new card from scratch Ukraine cities were Bobruisk-Kalinkovichi-Mozyr-Ovruch-Korosten-Zhitomir 6 cities screen 31.07.2013 as a result I decided to join the map Belarus and Ukraine received 10 towns screen 08/10/2014 Held the street from the Berezina to Bobruisk here and began to continue to make a map of...


Description: On various personal nonsensical for me stuff like some Economic cycles and the like, I have waived again, who so want something, it must be installed please himself or another Card use. The map is designed, how we want to play them. By different tastes can not be on every single request Have respect. Fundamental to the card: The card was originally built by me as pure Multiplayermap for Eifok Team and designed for half the standard map. After...

OGF FARM 2015 MAP V 1.0

Description: OGF MAP v 1.0 Recommendation: Hello everybody, hereby wish you as our communities – make MAP available. MAP: Standartmap (rebuilt) Required Mods: No Fruit Type: Standart +++ Multifruits-Oat Millet Sunflower Soybean Tomato poppy PDA: was adapted BGA has been enlarged. Multiplayer capable The farm has been completely renovated. There are various halls and sub-racks are available. The cow pasture located in the large courtyard building. Here you can also Straw & Grass store and remove the mixer feeders. In...


Description: -Added Traffic -Optimization Textures -Reorganization Farm -Barrières And doors with manual opening (Contremanifestation) -Ability To give pdt pigs and calves beet -New textures -New animals -culture oats Credits: FraBel-Ls Modding fusigrain > silot a betterave Jakob Tischler > additionalFruitTypes upsidedown > addMultiFruit,… webalizer, www.planet-ls.de > ChoppedStraw http://marhu.net > FruitSiloBand, GuelleMistMod,…. et tout les autres modder, scripter Uploadfiles.eu BelgiqueProfonde_V2_5_FraBel_Ls_Modding_FS15.zip – 258.3 MB

Pieselbach Map V 2.2

Description: After several tests and many alterations we present to you today the Pieselbach V2.2 for download. We have tinkered since Modcontest much and incorporated the following features: GülleMistKalkMod choppedStraw mixfeeder Credits: Pfrangi72 und Sascha1411 Uploadfiles.eu PIESELBACH_V22_ls15_BITTE_ENTPACKEN.zip – 624.0 MB

Big European Map v 1.0

Description: Here is the map ” Big European Map ” to FS2013 Created by Tiago . With his permission , I remade for FS15 . Credits: Bandit36 (Tiago) Uploadfiles.eu B