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Volvo 2009 Longline v 1.0

Description: Volvo 2009 Longline by Malcom37 for ETS2 version 1.21 – Cabin Sleeper – Cabin Globetrotter – Cabin Globetrotter XL – Cabin Globetrotter XL Middle – Cabin Globetrotter XL Longline – Colored Grills You can share this on other sites but KEEP ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK AND CREDITS! NO NOT REUPLOAD TO OTHER FILE SHARING SITES! Credits: Malcom37 ShareMods Volvo_2009_Longline_by_Malcom37.rar – 7.5 MB

VOLVO FH16 8X4 1.21

Description: Adapted for transportation of superheavy cargo chassis Volvo FH16 8×4. Mod adapted to patch 1.19 -1.21 The basis is taken from the mod Roadhunter “Volvo FH 2009 8×4 Ulfers V4.1” which was published more than a year ago. Thanks to the author. List of changes: – Added this truck in dialer center. – Added this truck in company. – Added real engine tuning D16G700 euro 5 (848 hp 3818 Nm). – Added branded headlights “Volvo”. – Added camouflage skin....

VOLVO FH13 580 1.21.X

Description: – Replaces Volvo FH – You can find it in all showrooms and dealers – With interior – HD details outside and inside – Sounds – Wheels – For all versions Credits: Dadus, Ventyres, Volk_86, Nik_1MTK, long_truck_driver, GaykA, A.Zvonov, Vanish, Tomson ShareMods volvo.scs – 42.6 MB

VOLVO VNL 660 1.21.X

Description: – Fixed texture cab – Created and added interior – Corrected itself a 3D model of the chassis – Added a new engine 730 hp – Removed the wheels, because they were not properly registered – Fixed bugs – As well as the optimized model for slow computers – Remade residence in showrooms in Europe Credits: alex.brody99 ShareMods volvo_vnl_660_dorabotka.7z – 68.0 MB

VOLVO VNL 670 1.23

Description: v.1.23 – added support for DLC Cabin Accessories (additional SCS file inside archive with defs and dlc defined slots inside cabin), – added two additional chassis with liftable rear axles (middle-lift, and rear-lift) – truck enabled to the quick job market – preparation for enabling wipers movement in external view (currently wipers are static due to problems with animation definition – to be fixed) – rewritten material definition for cabin painting in internal view for exact match with external...

VOLVO FH12 1.0

Description: Mod added Volvo FH12, in v1.0 we have 4×2 chassis, Globetrotter XL cab, 4 types of engine and 2 types of gearbox. This mod in v1.0 use standard SCS interior from Volvo FH16 2009. Mod tested and working on v1.21, template included. Credits: satan19990 ShareMods _Truck-ETS2__Volvo_FH12_v1.0.rar – 7.2 MB